How to work with objectARX 2012

I want to print a .dwg file to printer in my c# application by ObjectARX classes and methods but i am too beginner in ObjectARX. Which class and methods should i use?Is there any way else to do this?


This blog is a really good tutorial fo ObjectARX.

Develop Guide,hope to help you

Need Your Help

Make 100% width div fit within another div and avoid horisontal scrollbar

html css

So I don't want any horisontal scrollbars but I want the div to fill 100% of it's parent. The code works in FF and IE8 but not for IE7 and below. How can I solve this preferably with CSS only?

Rails Active Record query including delegated attributes

ruby-on-rails ruby

Is it possible to make a query like this? (Pseudo-code)

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