How to translate Language in android?

I want to translate language into another language but the Google API was shut off. Is there any alternative way to translate the language??


You can also try this app:

It was done by me to translate my android apps, and uses bing

If you mean embedding machine translation in your page, it’s still possible using Google services, either width the paid service Google Translate API v2 or using Google Website Translator suitably. Regarding the latter, see the simple demo page (about translating user input). There’s a discussion of the topic in my book Going Global with JavaScript and Globalize.js, with some notes on the alternatives and pitfalls. Generally, automatic translation may work reasonably for sentences of very simple grammatical structure, so it might be feasible a) for generated texts planned to be translatable that way, b) for user input in situations where the user knows the target language somewhat (e.g., reads reasonably but writes poorly), so that he has some chances of checking that the translations make sense.

You can try Bing API at

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