Listbox events in HTML

I want to call 'onclick' event on listbox. There is 'onchange' event which is called whenever the displayed options changes but I want to call a function when the list box is selected or the displayed option is selected again. Any help is appreciated.


I think by using HTML listbox you cant find Click event. It is Having only change event.Refer This But You can Do it by some other way Using JavaScript. I found one interesting link Refer This good Luck.

Need Your Help

ORDER BY solution modifier in CONSTRUCT pattern of SPARQL

rdf sparql sesame openrdf

I followed SPARQL 1.1 section 10.2 CONSTRUCT and have the following SPARQL query which returns all triples whose subject has type Homework and which also have an event date.

css : image-text alignment problem


could anyone provide me a solution to align this correctly

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