Java application with Microsoft Access or other database?

I am studying Information Technology at a local college. I am currently doing a Java project for one of my Modules. We are expected to make a Java application that communicates with a Microsoft Access database. I am working in a group, and all of us are assigned to code separate functions of the software. However, we need to share one database. We are currently using ODBC on our individual computers and are using JDBC to connect to the database on the local machine. What we have thought is to just work on separate Microsoft Access databases and then just combine them later on. But I think that's not the best way. Is there a way that will allow me and my group members to have a centralized database, to which all of us can connect and make our queries? Is this possible by hosting the Microsoft Access database somewhere online, and then connecting to it from inside the Java software. Please help me out, as I have no idea how to get a centralized Microsoft Access database.


If you want to get rid of this by using Microsoft Access is because that's the easiest way out for you and your group to solve this kind of problem but I'd rather suggest you to use the database using a database provided by Java Derby database, it's quite help you to short your code within the server. Maybe I will suggest you to use Netbeans as a GUI and the Derby to control the database.

So what's your core problem is that a programming side or configuration and control within the hosting ? Thanks

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