Difference between Jax-ws RI and metro

I'm not sure of my understanding here, it is stated that JAX-WS reference implementation provides metro core to glassfish. However, I've downloaded the latest source of JAX-WS RI and it has nothing to do with the latest Metro source.

I need a functionality that I found in Metro source code (UnsetSecurityMUValue) so I thought I should find it in the latest JAX-WS RI implementation, but it is not... So is it actually some kind of fork? Are the two mutually exclusive?

Thanks for any advice!


Metro 2.1.1 release consists of following components:

  • Metro/WSIT 2.1.1
  • JAX-WS RI 2.2.5
  • JAXB RI 2.2.4-1

UnsetSecurityMUValue functionality belongs to WS-security support that belongs to WSIT.

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