Streaming video through RTSP

I am trying to stream videos to Android via RTSP. The streaming works very well on Android 3.0 but for other lower versions the videos doesn't play.

I went through this link and found out that h263 encoding is supported by android versions < 3.0.

I used Helix Producer to encode my video to h263 format and Helix Universal Server for streaming. The video plays smoothly on Android 3.0 but for all other lower versions it doesn't work.I am getting error "E/SW_DEC(31): PV SW DECODER is used for H.263" in logcat when I tried it on Android 2.1 emulator. I tested it on device as well but it doesn't work.

Is it a known issue?

Is there any specific supported video encoding parameters for Android 2.1.


Try to encode your videos with h.264. It's a better file format

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