Filter sublists result in SQL query

I have a menu system where MenuTabs - the top level, they contain Menu and Menu contains MenuItem s.

Each level item has a list of user Role s it should be visible for.

I need to create a database query to select MenuTabs which contains only visible Menus with visible MenuItems for the current User. Is any way to do it with SQL query?

I use JPA and MySql, but any SQL query would be helpful.

As input data, I have a list of roles for the current user and I need to build right menu system for him/her. So user will see only allowed MenuTabs / Menus / MenuItems


class MenuTab { 
   List<Menu> menu; 
   List<Role> userRoles;

class Menu {
   List<MenuItem> menuItems; 
   List<Role> userRoles;

class MenuItem {
   List<Role> userRoles;

class User {
   List<Role> userRoles;


menutab            menutab_menu              menutab_role
  id                  menutabId                 menutabId
                      menuId                    roleId

menu               menu_menuitem             menu_role
  id                  menuId                    menuId
                      menuitemId                roleId

menuitem           menuitem_role
  id                  menuitemId


user                user_role
   id                 userId


if you are using Hibernate you dont have to deal with sql i am not familiar with Hibernate but in NHibernate you could utilize HQL like that :

var _query = DetachedCriteria.For<MenuTab>()
                                .Add(Restrictions.In("userRoles", listOfRoles)
                                .Add(Restrictions.In("MenuItem.userRoles", listOfRoles);

In SQL I might perhaps do something like this:

FROM menutab_menu tm
  INNER JOIN menu_menuitem mi ON tm.menuId     = mi.menuId
  INNER JOIN menutab t        ON tm.menutabId  = t.Id
  INNER JOIN menu m           ON tm.menuId     = m.Id
  INNER JOIN menuitem i       ON mi.menuitemId = i.Id
  t.Id IN (
    SELECT tr.menutabId
    FROM menutab_role tr
      INNER JOIN user_role ur ON tr.roleId = ur.roleId
    WHERE ur.userId = @userId
  AND m.Id IN (
    SELECT mr.menutabId
    FROM menu_role mr
      INNER JOIN user_role ur ON mr.roleId = ur.roleId
    WHERE ur.userId = @userId
  AND i.Id IN (
    SELECT ir.menutabId
    FROM menuitem_role ir
      INNER JOIN user_role ur ON ir.roleId = ur.roleId
    WHERE ur.userId = @userId

It is assumed that @userId is the current user ID, which is passed to the query as a parameter.

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