PHP5 integration with iCal and Outlook

I have searched something where I can integrate iCal and Outlook from my PHP5 calendar system, can somebody help me to get more infomation?

And is it possible to auto sync my system and iCal and Outlook if the customer wants to add new events from Outlook or iCal?


This might be of help: (a caldav server for php)

Need Your Help

NSXMLParser Ignoring Text Between Certain Tags

ios xml parsing tags nsxmlparser

I am trying to parse xml, but occasionally, if there is a child/sub tag within the tag which I am downloading with NSXMLParser, any text after that is ignored. Here is an example:

info.plist icon: No light from above

iphone ipad info.plist

What do I add to my info.plist so that the device does not add a light from above rendering on top of it?

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