DevExpress Xtragrid gridview inside gridview

I want to fill a cell of a DevExpress Xtragrid gridview with another gridview. Is this possible? and if its possible can someone help me with this like what should I read about for doing this..


I need some cells in a column with two combo boxes and the remaining cells with a single combo box

As far as I can see your collection row object has a property, which is an object with its own properties: for example the row object is Person and it has an Address property, which in turn has City, Street and Zip properties. And you want to display and edit subproperties of the Person.Address property in the grid. I believe that embedding of gridview into grid cell it is not a good idea. Instead of this you can embed a custom editor into grid cell.

DevEx allows you to set Master-Detail relationships in your GridViews that will be very similar to what you're looking for.

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