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Total Beginner - Totally Lost (sis)
Subject: Total Beginner - Totally Lost (sis)
Author: davetowner    Posted: 2004-04-05 09:52:28    Length: 1,274 byte(s)
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Hey you linux guys,

I am a total beginner with linux and have always been a windows guy until yesterday i thought i would see what linux was like, i was very impressed but its a whole different world.  The linux installation was simple enough and it picked up on all my hardware with the excpetion of my ADSL modem and my sound card.

The modem can wait for now, but i would like to get my sound working.  Apparently i have a SiS7012 sound card on my Asus P4s533-x motherboard and have found a driver for it from http://driver2.sis.com/linux/7012/ but i have NO idea how to install the driver.

i am at a total loss - could anyone give me instructions for a complete beginner who has no idea about linux about how i go about installing the driver.  i have no idea about the linux lingo either.  please help.

Oh and im running RedHat Linux V9.

thanks for any help you can give me.

davetowner@dsl.pipex.com - pooface1978@hotmail.com

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Subject: Total Beginner - Totally Lost (sis)
Author: godsdog    Posted: 2004-04-07 16:55:43    Length: 146 byte(s)
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Installing files is dependent on what type of file it is.
Post the full name of the file.
Is it an .rpm or maybe .tgz or bzip2 or ....?
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Subject: Total Beginner - Totally Lost (sis)
Author: davetowner    Posted: 2004-04-07 17:26:34    Length: 1,098 byte(s)
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im pullin my hair out here - damn this linux, why cant it be as simple as windows!!

i have downloaded an archive file and extracted it to a floppy, then copied the floppy to my home directory in linux "/home/davetowner"

i have sooo many problems, the instructions i got from :

dont seem to work, for example, the instructions state:

4>  Genertae soundcore and ac97_codec module
"make soundcore.o"
"make ac97_codec.o"

when i enter this i just get errors stating im missing rules, but im copying the text exactly

also im instructed to copy sis7012.o to the module directory, but i cant - i just get told i dont have permission - access denied.  why is my access denied there are no other users and i have the adminastors password.

please some shed some light here as im rapidly being put off linux and i dont want to be.
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