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Why I Can't Hear The Music When The Kde Starting?
Subject: Why I Can't Hear The Music When The Kde Starting?
Author: wbczyh    Posted: 2004-04-16 06:32:06    Length: 224 byte(s)
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Recently,I can't hear the start music when the KED starting.But when the start finished,I can play mp3 file normally.I don't know why? who can give me an answer.
    Thanks in advance for your advice.
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Subject: Why I Can't Hear The Music When The Kde Starting?
Author: gyarnoc    Posted: 2004-04-21 12:44:48    Length: 552 byte(s)
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I have the same problem  unsure.gif

I have sound everywhere, but I can't hear the standard KDE sounds. Every time when I start aumix all is muted. I have changed these settings and saved them but it keeps coming back. Anyone know how to stop sound from muting?
BTW all sounds work when it's muted, except for the KDe sounds.


- gyarnoc -

Webmaster of FlightSim Planet.net

Mixed PC Specs:
Intel Pentium IV 2800 MHz
1024 MB RAM
2 x WD 120 GB HDD
ATI Radeon 9500 Pro
SoundBlaster Audigy 2 + 6.1 Surround Speakers
Windows XP Pro and Mandrake Linux 10 Community
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Subject: Why I Can't Hear The Music When The Kde Starting?
Author: hopdevil    Posted: 2004-04-29 10:01:22    Length: 324 byte(s)
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I was having the same problem with KDE sounds. This is what I did. Open the Control Center and select Sound and Multimedia. Then I chose Sound System. Under Sound I/O I selected ALSA as the I/O method. Everything works fine now. I didn't have to do this on previous installs. Who knows?

Good Luck,
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