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Question About Combining 3 T1 Lines
Subject: Question About Combining 3 T1 Lines
Author: rigbyorange    Posted: 2004-05-28 09:54:26    Length: 277 byte(s)
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We have a client who purchased 3 t1 lines.  These were supposed to be bundled together to provide 3 Mbps but instead are three seperate lines each with different gateway and IP info.  Is there a way to combine these lines using a linux router?
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Subject: Question About Combining 3 T1 Lines
Author: chedder    Posted: 2004-05-28 16:45:53    Length: 646 byte(s)
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You can get T1 cards to work in linux systems, but I think instead I'd recommend going to an actual multiplexer.  There are quite a few, such as this from adtran:
]]Adtran Multiplexers

What you will really need to do is work with the ISP that supplied these 3 T-1's, and find out what kind of multiplexer they support.  The T1's will have to be multiplexed on both ends.  You'll get roughly a 4.5Mb connection from 3 T1's.
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Subject: Question About Combining 3 T1 Lines
Author: rigbyorange    Posted: 2004-06-02 18:23:00    Length: 375 byte(s)
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Let me give a little more information.  Our client's ISP brought in 3 t1 lines.  Each T1 is connected to a router provided by the ISP.  Out of each router is an ethernet connection.  How can I best utilize these three t1 lines with my linux router?  Each T1 has five static IP adr.  Each with on a different subnet.  Thanks
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Subject: Question About Combining 3 T1 Lines
Author: JuiCe    Posted: 2004-06-02 21:08:03    Length: 434 byte(s)
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chedder is right. To combine the t1 lines you must multiplex them. I know this is possible because my dad runs a small cable company and has purchased 2 T1 lines to be multiplexed for the backbone(sounds slow, but does the job). I cant provide much information on how to do it... Ive seen the 2 T1s mounted on the wall then some cisco equipment beside it. It may be possible to multiplex with linux but i have no idea on how to do it
Slackware 10, 400mhz AMD K6, 64mb ram, 40x cd rom.
Windows XP Pro, 1.5ghz Intel P4, 512mb ram, 40x cdr, DVD-rom.
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