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Dynamic Hostname->ip
Subject: Dynamic Hostname->ip
Author: electric    Posted: 2004-05-29 18:43:49    Length: 1,393 byte(s)
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This sounds simple but I can't seem to find any clear information on how to do this: I have a small LAN and I want to setup it to use DHCP for IP assignment. The problem is that I will want to connect to the computers and don't want to scan then net and try IP by IP to find out which computer is the one I am trying to connect to. I want to use the computer's hostname to connect to it. It is just related to the internal network 192.168.x.x addresses.
Example: Machine A receives ip X.X.X.X if I do something like ssh A I can connect to it but if next time it gets a lease from DHCP it's IP is Y.Y.Y.Y doing ssh A will transparently connect me to the machine.
The best I could find so far is using DHCP with BIND with ddns activated so when the client contacts the DHCP server sending his hostname, the server dynamically updates the configured zone for the local network (say localnet.com). That way when someone refers to machine A (since localnet.com is the domain listed in resolv.conf) the machine will look for a.localnet.com in the named server which will (we can only hope) answer with the ip of machine A.
Ok, I am having a HARD time configuring that. Isn't there a easier way to do something similar to what I want? If there is, what is it? If there isn't, can someone point me out a GOOD tutorial for this?

Thanks in advance!
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Subject: Dynamic Hostname->ip
Author: x86processor    Posted: 2004-05-31 00:54:48    Length: 464 byte(s)
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Quick HOWTO: Configuring DNS

Quick HOWTO: Linux Home Networking

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Subject: Dynamic Hostname->ip
Author: electric    Posted: 2004-05-31 05:36:27    Length: 859 byte(s)
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Thanks for the info, those tutorial are great but I can't seem to solve my problem with that. What I need would be to have in each machine in my network a hosts files that indicate the name and ip of every other machine or the same thing in my firewall/router DNS. The problem is that those options are static and when the internal machines get a different internal ip from the dhcp server I will have to manually change all the hosts files or update the dns zone file.
Again I fall back to believe that the solution is using the Dynamic DNS thing, but those tutorials go as far as explaining how to make your web server update an external 3rd party dynamic dns server when it's ip changes, what I will most likely need is to set up an internal dynamic dns and have my internal machines update it with there local hostnames.

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Subject: Dynamic Hostname->ip
Author: pa4wdh    Posted: 2004-05-31 11:22:42    Length: 337 byte(s)
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It is not really the thing you're asking for, but setting up the DHCP server to give a certain IP address to a certain MAC address is quite easy. In that way you don't need ddns, because computers get the same IP address all the time.
The IP addresses might even be so easy that you don't even need a DNS :-)
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