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Port Forwarding On Single Nic Server
Author: brianv    Posted: 2004-05-30 08:04:08    Length: 2,110 byte(s)
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Not sure if anyone can help, but seem to be going around in circles by myself.

The setup is: Linux server running Redhat 9 with one NIC. This is connected to a network through a switch and the network is connected to the Internet through a router.

I run a document management system on the server and store all the files. This is accessible from the Internet for home working.

There is also an email server which handles internal and external emails for the office. This does not route mail from the Internet. It is only accessible locally.

For remote administration of the server I use telnet, ftp and webmin.

All this is currently secured using a Firestarter firewall. Although the server is currently behind the router firewall too. I have installed Firestarter while attempting to answer the following question.

My problem is that I need to run software to remotely administer the Windows PCs (we do not run any form of NT server or Terminal Services), which I already have and use. The problem is that due to the nature of our document management system I have now run out of port forwards in the router so can't reach the Windows PC.

What I would like to do is place the Linux server in the DMZ (it will still be protected by Firestarter) and use it to Port Forward to a Windows PC. The Windows PC can act as a gateway to all the other Windows PCs on the network. I want to keep the rest of the network behind the router firewall.

With Firestarter you only get port forwarding when there are two NICs. Is there anyway to port forward using only one NIC? I will happily consider an alternative firewall such as Shorewall.

I found a stand-alone port forwarding application for Windows, which works well, but I don't want to place a Windows PC in the DMZ even with a firewall installed. If a Windows PC with one NIC can do it surely Linux can.

So the question is: Is it possible to port forward from a Linux server with only one NIC, which is placed in the DMZ of a NAT protected network?
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