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Audio Extraction Speed
Subject: Audio Extraction Speed
Author: davidnow    Posted: 2004-12-29 11:19:34    Length: 216 byte(s)
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Hi everybody,

does someone know how to limitate the audio extraction speed (the read speed) with K3b, when copying a CD? I want to do so to maximize the sound quality...

Best regards
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Subject: Audio Extraction Speed
Author: Counterspy    Posted: 2004-12-29 14:16:04    Length: 108 byte(s)
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I would think that it does that by default.  Check out the K3b docs with Google.

Current Distributions: Debian Sarge, Debian-Knoppix (3.7), Fedora Core 3, Mandrake 10.1 OE, PCLinuxOS, Suse 9.1 Pro, Whitebox Enterprise Linux, W$ XP, 98SE
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Subject: Audio Extraction Speed
Author: davidnow    Posted: 2004-12-29 15:13:43    Length: 290 byte(s)
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Unfortunately, i can't find anything about that on the web. I think K3b uses the highest read speed by default. And i want to reduce this extraction speed to get very good ripped audio files to burn them afterwards. Easy to reduce burn speed, can't find how to reduce read speed...
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Subject: Audio Extraction Speed
Author: TrickyRic    Posted: 2004-12-30 08:12:21    Length: 248 byte(s)
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it creates a binary image file of the exact source data, and then burns this image to disk. though this is a relatively simple technique, it does mean the source data and destination data are identical in terms of binary - thus no loss of quality.
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