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Dial Up On Mandrake?
Subject: Dial Up On Mandrake?
Author: killahbee_1986    Posted: 2004-05-13 12:00:02    Length: 535 byte(s)
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hey yall..
I'm fairly new to linux, so maybe this is a stupid question..
ok - is it possible at all to connect to the internet (dial up) in linux (mandrake)?
do I need the software that some ISPs provide or do I just need the dial in number, username and pw?

I hope somebody can help me out..

thank yall
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Subject: Dial Up On Mandrake?
Author: John_the_geek    Posted: 2004-05-13 18:44:56    Length: 1,914 byte(s)
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First we need to associate your modem to the OS.

 Linux does not have full PnP modem support, and has no Winmodem support, so you must have a true internal or external COM port modem. or you will need to setup your modem manuly
  Now we need to get the modem configured for internet access.  Run the Mandrake Control Center either from the application button or from K-Menu > Configuration > Mandrake Control Center.  Select Network & Internet, then drakConnect.  Here's the trick: when it asks you what to configure, *de*select Winmodem and *select* normal modem connection.  Tell it /dev/modem. The dialer utility kppp is fairly important.  If for some reason, it didn't load during the install, make sure you load it.  It's easy and configures itself.  Also, while you're in drakConnect, if you want to manually configure your LAN and/or select it 'off' for boot, you can do that using the expert mode and LAN configuration.

Another way to load the program is to use Konqueror (ms).  Select from KDE main menu, Networking->WWW->Konqueror Web Browser. (You will have to enter your root password.) Find your file.  Simply click on it to install.  Your modem should now be properly setup ... though you still need to set up KPPP.  You can test to see that your modem setup properly by selecting from the main Kmenu.  Select Kmenu->Networking->Remote Access->KPPP (Internet Dial-up Tool).  You will get a menu.  Select Setup->Modem->Query modem.  Your results should look something like this :

ATI:  56000
ATI 1: 255
ATI 3: oftK56-v5.03.27lnxbeta03042700
ATI 4: antSoftK56 Data modem for Linux
ATI 5: B5

While in this menu, you can now go ahead and setup KPPP for your dial-in connection.
how you run, how you upgrade,
and how well you backup, is all that matters..

[span style='font-size:14pt;line-height:100%']~~~~John the Geek~~~~~~[/span]
KUBUNTU @ 2.6.10
[span style='color:purple']Linux user #355715[/span]
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Subject: Dial Up On Mandrake?
Author: x86processor    Posted: 2004-05-13 20:11:03    Length: 407 byte(s)
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has no Winmodem support

Smart link drivers work great with winmodems,

Linux is the kernel. The entire system is called GNU/Linux.

My domain: shakthimaan.com (Offline)
orkut ID: shakthimaan
IRC nick: mbuf
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Subject: Dial Up On Mandrake?
Author: killahbee_1986    Posted: 2004-05-14 12:28:10    Length: 193 byte(s)
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Thanks very much, that worked
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