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Any Reason Why I Should Not Take This Back..
Subject: Any Reason Why I Should Not Take This Back..
Author: darkangel    Posted: 2004-05-18 08:25:29    Length: 751 byte(s)
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Iíve bought mandrake 10 power pack, while it installed well I canít get 3d acceleration working and as far as linuxís much vaunted stability is concerned seems far from being true so far today konqueror has crash 3x & find files crashes 99% of the time unless through konqueror, my xp pro box and xp on this machine hasnít crashed for as long as I can remember, Iíve had pcís for a long time so I consider my knowledgeable user and I was quite prepared for a learning curve but everything I was led to believe about Linux seems not to be true, can anybody give me any reason why I should not take this back on my next day off?

1gb Corsair xms3200llpt
gigabyte radeon 9700pro
sb audigy 2
gigabyte 7n400pro v1
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Subject: Any Reason Why I Should Not Take This Back..
Author: maleck    Posted: 2004-05-18 17:22:08    Length: 1,401 byte(s)
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1) the stability isue you are talking about is the OS stability, wich means there is not crashes
   in the OS ( almos not ). it can be prove easy, just try to work 8 hours in a MsWindows system
   and you can see it turns slowly and eventually it crashes (frome the OS).
I have a Mandrake 9.2 in work with 120 hours of work without problems.
It also happens that if an application crash in windows, the OS also crash.
In linux if an app crash, the system is intact and you have not problems to reestar the app (in Win you have to restart the computer)
2) Wath you say about konqueror is a bug in the version in mandrake 10 ( It do not happends in 9.2) so I think Mandrake will release a fix soon.
3) Mandrake use to pack the latest version of the software available (and I like it) but some times the version packaged for mandrake will be unstable.you will wait for the fix or just do not use konqueror, there are others options like nautilius.
4) there are BIG reason for use Linux.
-Linux has no virus
-Linux distros has every thing you need and more.
-Sorfing the net is more secure ( vandals has less oportunities to atack your computer)
- $
5) Find what card do you have and install the proper driver
Do not be scared about the new thing. If you give linux a shot, you are going to love it
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Subject: Any Reason Why I Should Not Take This Back..
Author: darkangel    Posted: 2004-05-18 17:44:18    Length: 367 byte(s)
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thanks for the reply, points taken and understood about stability etc.
i have a radeon 9700pro from reading posts here i'm led to believe there is a problem of some sort with ati/radeon card not sure if this is Os or a driver problem can u advise?
I'm not at my system at the moment, working in Murcia(Spain) so can't tell u much at the moment.
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Subject: Any Reason Why I Should Not Take This Back..
Author: John_the_geek    Posted: 2004-05-18 23:03:26    Length: 1,503 byte(s)
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Well I by far am a Linux expert...
but one thing I have learned is that the more you install or try to get the system to do the more chances for errors to get into the works.
if you find your self reinstalling try not to select every desktop and optional component as many work better alone.
I wonder if anyone ever selected all of them and got a working system?
Try just using kde or gnome at first after setting everything up then a different desktop can be checked out. lose the network stuff if you donít have one same for the server stuff install the source code for your kernel and recompile it if you can there are many choices it the process that may fix your problems
as for the ati  I have a nivida and I had to recompile a driver for my box so there may be something for you a well.
Linux systems are best when they contain programs that are compiled locally on a locally compiled kernel this makes linux far more versatile
Downloading rpms may work sometimes
but many different situations can be fixed by make'ing new modules for your kernel. best bet is to only install what you need...
how you run, how you upgrade,
and how well you backup, is all that matters..

[span style='font-size:14pt;line-height:100%']~~~~John the Geek~~~~~~[/span]
KUBUNTU @ 2.6.10
[span style='color:purple']Linux user #355715[/span]
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