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Side Panel Or Whatever Its Called.
Subject: Side Panel Or Whatever Its Called.
Author: juan3268    Posted: 2004-05-24 11:16:26    Length: 1,063 byte(s)
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I just installed linux and im starting to change the way it looks to fit my desire and looking at some screen shots here http://www.mandrakelinux.com/en/fscreenshots.php3 i saw a couple of features that i want to run in my machine. I was wondering how to get the side panel or however thats called that shows the clock date, cpu ussage and stuff. it sits on the desktop. here is a screenshot with it in it http://images.mandrakesoft.com/img/screens.../mdk92-scr5.jpg

and another one


it is on the right side of the screen and it shows the analog clock and a bunch of other stuff. Please if any of you have a link to a page wehre there are tutorials for all this stuff let me know.
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Subject: Side Panel Or Whatever Its Called.
Author: maleck    Posted: 2004-05-25 10:04:03    Length: 413 byte(s)
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That 'information panel' is a sistem monitor, there ara many of them. The one that come's with Mandrake is named ksim. it can be found in the 'monitor' section in mandrake menu or just tipe "ksim &" in a console or "ALT+F2" and tipe ksim in kde.
About the look, mandrake has only one by default, but you will download more themes and plugins from the net
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