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Distro For Web Server
Subject: Distro For Web Server
Author: jcombs_31    Posted: 2004-10-01 14:50:30    Length: 656 byte(s)
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Hi, I'm new to the forums.  I've taken a short class in Unix and understand most unix shell commands and some scripting, so I want to start using some linux.  What I'm curious about is if one distro is better than another for setting up a web server.  This server would be using php/mysql with Apache obviously.  

Any recomendations on which distro to use? I'm sure I'd like to also set up a mail server on this, and will only be hosting my personal site.

Thanks in advance for any input on this.

Also, where' the best tutorial on installing apache/php/mysql to get me started?
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Subject: Distro For Web Server
Author: caveman    Posted: 2004-10-01 21:49:42    Length: 126 byte(s)
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Personally I would use debian and buy the setting up lamp book over here ------------------>>

Technology, The Outdoors and Adventures Through a Technocrats Eyes

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Subject: Distro For Web Server
Author: jcombs_31    Posted: 2004-10-02 12:17:16    Length: 528 byte(s)
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QUOTE (caveman @ Oct 1 2004, 09:49 PM)
Personally I would use debian and buy the setting up lamp book over here ------------------>>


 I would rather not have to buy anything. But thanks for the reply. I'm sure there are free sources with the same info on the web.  
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Subject: Distro For Web Server
Author: jcombs_31    Posted: 2004-10-06 19:43:57    Length: 336 byte(s)
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I went ahead and installed slackware in a virtual machine.  I like it, and comes installed with apache/php/mysql.  Had to tweak a few config files to get it all up and running but this may be what I decide to use.  I'm just having one problem when I log out of x, but his may have something to do with VMWare.  
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Subject: Distro For Web Server
Author: robdyk    Posted: 2005-02-02 15:07:34    Length: 1,685 byte(s)
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This is what I call "an open question". Everyone who uses their own distro believes it is the best for you.
No one can decide for you . YOU must determine which distro best suit your needs. We only can recommend some distro's to you.

I, on the other hand uses clarkconnect for my webserver. e-mail (pop and smtp), FTP, Mysql database.
Clarkconnect is free software. They just released the 'Home version 3.0'.
this is the place where you can download:

Most people only want a webserver. If you install redhat, fedora or any other OS , you most likely aren't gone use all possibilities. So why using valuable resources if you're only using a webserver ?
Clarkconnect is very easy to install. Just download the .ISO image. (Please bare in mind that the file is 381 Mb). Burn it on cd-rom (with Nero or any other burn utility capable of creating .ISO images).
Put the cd-rom in your PC. Make sure your PC is capable of booting by cd-rom.
Than boot from cd-rom and read instructions what to do next. Than i't's just clicking on ''Ok', or 'next'.
You can also do a network install. You have to create a boot floppy first, than you can install it through Internet.

Clarkconnect has however one disadvantage !!  You can't use it with a multi-boot. So you can't use it together with windows.
The used pc must be dedicated. Clarkconnect uses the entire pc for itself.

Maybe something for you ?
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