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Web Server With Suse Help
Subject: Web Server With Suse Help
Author: Dukefrukem    Posted: 2004-10-11 10:51:40    Length: 809 byte(s)
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Hey guys

Let me start off by saying I am so new at Linux that by the time you’re done reading this I probably just finished installing suse on my pc…

My goal is to run my website off my linux box through my isp…

I’ve researched this for a long time, but by the time I think I know what the FAQs  are talking about …it will say something like “assuming you already have you’re apache server setup”…. Well why are you assuming that???

Could someone please star me off on steps I need to accomplish to setup my webpage…

I know I need to  purchase a domain...

I know I need to download apache…

I know I need to download php…

Thanks in advance to those who could take the time to help me through this…
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Subject: Web Server With Suse Help
Author: moe_mughrabi    Posted: 2004-11-05 12:33:16    Length: 1,415 byte(s)
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 In suse its much easier than any where else. login into the root from the command line then
right yast2
go to -> Network Services
click on -> HTTP Server
then -> enable the HTTP server once you enable it, the system will check if apache2 installed on your system if its not then its will start installing it. you shall insert the DVD or the CD to get the package from the CD or DVD and install it.

for mysql go to yast2
go to -> Software
go to -> Install and Remove software
search for mysql
insert the CD and let it install mysql.

after you're done in the command line as root type : rcmysql start

for PHP go to yast2
go to -> Software
go to -> Install and Remove software
search for PHP
insert the CD and let it install PHP.

After its done installing PHP. in the Command line you have to restart the apache so you'll go like .. rcapache2 restart

Thats it:)
now open your browser and type localhost ENTER.

to put your files and test the apache go to /srv/www/htdocs/ create index.php here.

about linking to a domain name are you on a static IP address? if you're not go to dynu.com and sign up for a domain name there and they'll give you a package to install you can use it on linux.

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