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How to make domain pointing to server
Subject: How to make domain pointing to server
Author: satimis    Posted: 2007-01-11 22:14:33    Length: 1,123 byte(s)
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Hi folks,

Xfce4 desktop

I have registered "satimis.com" with Godaddy.com and my server is now running on static IP.  The domain is active parking on Godaddy.com and rechargeable.  Please advise how to make it pointing to my server.

I visited "Total DNS Control" and "Total DNS Control and MX Records" pages on "Godaddy.com" and could not figure out how to change them.

Contacted their Technical Support with a reply;
You are receiving a Go Daddy parked page since the domain satimis.com is
parked on our servers. In addition, the domain's A record is pointed at our parked     
IP address. In order to point your domain to a different location you will need to
modify the A record and nameservers for your domain. Unfortunately we are
limited on the support we can provide for pointing your domain at your own

Please help.  TIA.

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Subject: Re: How to make domain pointing to server
Author: youcantoo_linuxguy    Posted: 2007-01-21 01:47:39    Length: 910 byte(s)
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In order to change it you are going to need to know who is handling your nameservice. (DNS) currently GoDaddy will park them on their DNS for FREE.  If you goto your domain name while that are parked all you will see is a parked page and perhaps some of their advertising. They (go daddy) normally charge for managing the DNS. Once you get someone to manage your DNS or you setup DNS yourself than you will need to login to you godaddy account and from the Domain Control Center select the domain name you want to modify and than select the tab labeled "nameservers" in that window you can enter the domain name of the folks handling your DNS. GoDaddy requires two different name servers to be entered. After you have entered them in their form click OK and it takes about 24-48 hours before your domain name will appear for most folks.  If you have further questions feel free to email me.
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