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Need Advice On Live Cd Choices
Subject: Need Advice On Live Cd Choices
Author: JesseM    Posted: 2005-01-10 19:33:35    Length: 1,666 byte(s)
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I'm looking for a liveCD that I can use as a base for installing my custom linux build from scratch (as apposed to using a distro which I've grown tired of doing). I've already found information about how to go about creating the system.

What I want is to boot the linux kernel from a cdrom, and from there have access to all the tools I need to partition, format, mount, unpack tarballs, and compile packages.

I'm not looking for a full distro on a bootable cd, and I would rather it just be a newish kernel with a shell and complete toolset to accomplish the above. I have downloaded the packages that I wan't to install via tarballs, so I would rather not get a liveCD packaged with such things already.

Any ISO images I get for the liveCD will be modified as I add my own packages. I have found many liveCD's on the net. In fact too many. One site had a list of literally hundreds of options. I thought I could save myself time by asking someone more exerienced for their help. ANY SUGGESTIONS GRATEFULLY RECEIVED

(fyi) From the liveCD I plan to rebuild the latest kernel from source,  gcc, glibc, binutils, X.org, Gtk, Python, and eventually (hopefully) Gnome. And if all goes well I will continue adding my favourite softwares.

(ps) I know this is considered an unpractical approach when distro's are so much easier, but I've decided to do this as a pet project and for my own learning experience. I know I'll run into plenty of troubles on the way (especially using the latest releases of everything) but heck, if it goes well mabye I'll start my own distro.
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Subject: Need Advice On Live Cd Choices
Author: RootLinux    Posted: 2005-01-10 19:46:22    Length: 45 byte(s)
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Have you looked at DSL ( damn small linux )?
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Subject: Need Advice On Live Cd Choices
Author: JesseM    Posted: 2005-01-10 20:03:24    Length: 285 byte(s)
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Actually I did just a few minutes ago. I'd rather avoid something that has advanced features (like a gui, I don't really need one), and I didn't find anything about it's developement environment (ie gcc and binutils) so I kept looking, but I'll check it out later.
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Subject: Need Advice On Live Cd Choices
Author: RootLinux    Posted: 2005-01-10 20:52:32    Length: 218 byte(s)
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I don't know of any Live CDs without GUI off the top of my head.

Why not install on to HDD and then uninstall the GUI and what ever you do not want?
Install all packages you need and go from there.
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Subject: Need Advice On Live Cd Choices
Author: JesseM    Posted: 2005-01-10 21:48:20    Length: 245 byte(s)
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I thought about that, but it's kinda like cheating it. What distro had the latest kernel (2.6.10), and does it compile from source? I think Gentoo is closest to what I want, but I would still rather do it from scratch as in the LFS6.0 book.
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