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Removing PAE Support in CentOS 4.2
Author:    Posted: 2006-01-23 05:34:36    Length: 1,876 byte(s)
[Original] [Print] [Top]
I'm attempting to try out Parallels (http://parallels.com/en/download/)
a VM program like VMWare. When I attempt to install I get the error:

/usr/lib/Parallels/Drivers/drvMain/vmmodule.h:44:3: #error "Your kernel
is compiled with PAE (Physical Address Extension)"
/usr/lib/Parallels/Drivers/drvMain/vmmodule.h:45:3: #error "The current
version of the Parallels Workstation does not support PAE mode."
/usr/lib/Parallels/Drivers/drvMain/vmmodule.h:46:3: #error "(Processor
type and features -] High Memory Support) - must be not more than 4GB"

Their support documentation states:

If log contains the following sentence: "Your kernel is compiled with
PAE (Physical Address Extension)", it means that currently running
kernel supports PAE. Unfortunately the current version of the Parallels
Workstation does not support PAE. To fix the problem:
if you have another kernel configuration compiled without PAE support,
boot in this kernel.
if not, recompile your current kernel to create another one that does
not support PAE. Please note that recompiling kernel may lead to
unstable work of your primary system. For instructions on how to do
this please refer to your primary OS system administration guide or
consult your system administrator.
run the Parallels Workstation configuration script again.

I'm really not that clued in on kernels at all. I'm running
2.6.9-22.0.1.ELsmp on CentOS 4.2

Any assistance to good reference material to recompile a kernel without
PAE support would be greatly appreciated.

If this is indeed a stupid question, and the response is Why would you
ever want to remove PAE support, please say so, and I'll consider the
evualation of this product trashed.

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