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Setting up Multiple Routes-two NIC's
Author: gc    Posted: 2005-08-28 21:47:34    Length: 1,315 byte(s)
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Can someone describe how I properly set up two seperate and distinct
routing tables on Mandrake 10.2?

I have eth0 set up with my IP current IP addresses.

I've been assigned some additional IP's that are routed completely
seperate from my current IP's.  These new ones don't go through my
host's firewall for example.  So they need to physically come to a
seperate port.  I'm attempting to route these new IP's through the
second network interface eth1.

So far I tried it and while it appeared the traffic would come in, it
couldn't get out (apparently traffic was coming in on eth1, but what
should have been outgoing on eth1 ended up defaulting to eth0 and that
won't work).  Then I hired my local Mandrake guru and I don't know what
he did, but we were getting areas across some countries who could get
the to server but not recieve any traffic back.  Which made for some
interesting tech calls until I realized it actually was my problem not
theirs :).

I've been told that this is a tricky setup which is why we're having
problems (i.e. I probably shouldn't attempt this through drakconf?).

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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