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2.6.12 and sbp2
Author: TheMartian    Posted: 2005-06-25 11:49:04    Length: 904 byte(s)
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just done the deed and updated to 2.6.12, all is well with the world
with the exception of my external firewire drives

not a single one can be accessed, detected, seen etc

going through dmesg shows this really helpful message from ieee1394 for
each drive

Error parsing configrom for node 0-00:1023

some real googling comes up with some references to this message but
nothing useful. Most references talk about using a serialize paramater
with sbp2 which in my case did nothing

other references talk about this message meaning a fscked disk, which is
not the case, as I go back to 2.6.7-gentoo-r11 and all works

the drives are all lacie D2 250GB tripple interface

any thoughts on making this one go away?

Staying with 2.6.7 is not an option as 2.6.12 fixes my dvb stability issues

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