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Block Driver
Subject: Block Driver
Author: Dhanashekar    Posted: 2005-04-07 05:32:59    Length: 799 byte(s)
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    i hv developed block driver module on sd bus .  
    i test like this.. i use 'dd ' to write and read raw data to the device.
    write operation finds fine..  say you transmit 10 blocks of data each of 512 bytes size the request queue works fine and i get proper request count from the kernel.

   when ever i try to read the same the no request generated by the kernel for the same count exceeds the requirement and i often found the CURRENT->sector value bounces to some undefine hex value

  and a fresh request queue is generated by the kernel..

   what could be the problem.. does all block driver have unlimited request for read operations ?
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Subject: Block Driver
Author: x86processor    Posted: 2005-04-07 06:32:47    Length: 266 byte(s)
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Do not crosspost. Use your post in the Programming Section.


Topic closed.

Linux is the kernel. The entire system is called GNU/Linux.

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