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How "build Option" In Menuconfig Work
Subject: How "build Option" In Menuconfig Work
Author: LinuxUserR    Posted: 2005-04-19 19:09:07    Length: 258 byte(s)
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How does the build option work in "make menuconfig"? I entered a new name other than "default". Will kernel build process create a new set of modules under a new directory with this new name? when do I use this option?

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Subject: How "build Option" In Menuconfig Work
Author: x86processor    Posted: 2005-04-20 04:22:42    Length: 290 byte(s)
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 I entered a new name other than "default"

Where? How?

Linux is the kernel. The entire system is called GNU/Linux.

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Subject: How "build Option" In Menuconfig Work
Author: Oliv'    Posted: 2005-04-20 07:02:38    Length: 885 byte(s)
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I think that you are talking about a 2.6 kernel feature, isn't it Huh?
If I have correctly understood (I'm not 100% sure of the feature you're speaking), yes it will create a new directory under /lib/modules/2.6.xx-new-name/
I think this option was created to easily boot with different kernel. For example you have a 2.6.11 kernel, it works good but you want to apply a patch to it. Well you apply the patch you recompile it (and append a new name), and when you reboot... Hard luck, it does not work as expected    Well you don't care as you still have your "old" kernel and its old modules
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Subject: How "build Option" In Menuconfig Work
Author: LinuxUserR    Posted: 2005-04-20 13:13:26    Length: 763 byte(s)
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Yes, I am using kernel 2.6. After I used the new names for the new directory, I recompiled the kernel by rebuilding the kernel rpms, installed the modules using rpm install, but got the module conflict from the current modules vs the previously compiled modules during installation of new modules. I am not sure why I am getting this error, I have been using the same names from the build option, Do I have to enter a new name again for each rpm rebuild? I used to get vmlinuz* from the rpm build, but I dont get this binary file either after rpm rebuilt? why? Dont understand??

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