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Parent Movieclip/stage not found even if it is present

I'd like to ask this question which has been popping up on my mind often.

Altering the appearance of an AdvancedDataGridColumn and mx:ToggleButtonBar in flex

I have two things I wish to change with the display elements in flex.

How can I speed up the compile / publish time of Flash IDE projects

I'm sick of waiting hours for Flash to publish. .NET / VisualStudio projects are WAAAAY faster - is that only compiling the classes that have changed?

How to stop swf when an error occur

I have a project where I am loading in an external swf and when it error loading I want it to show the error on screen which I have accomplished and then I want to provent it from going any further...

AS3 - Returning a property of a class rather than the class itself

In ActionScript 3, there are some classes that will represent a value rather than the class itself. It's hard to explain properly what I mean, so take this example:

AS3: How to make Parent Function return the selected value of a ComboBox

I'm developing an AIR app that requires a menu to show only during the first run. In it the user will be able to choose the desired language for the app to run in.

From AS2 to AS3 loading external images

I'm converting some Actionscript code from AS2 tp AS3, and I've eventually managed to get most of it to work again (it's allmost a totally different language, sharing just a little syntax similarit...

Need a php script to upload bitmapdata into a mysql table (BLOB) from Flash AS3

I need help in a php script. Have spent half a day searching high and low but couldnt get anything work.

Change color of DataGrid in flash cs4

I am using the as3 DataGrid component in a flash project and I want to change the color from black on white to white on black but can't find how to change the colors of the DataGrid control. Can an...

Turn off application temporarily from flash

I have been asked to figure out a way to turn off a running application on a host computer when i certain flash application is running in the browser, a seemingly difficult task but i have thought ...

Angle of a given point on a Bezier curve?

I created this class in actionscript, it returns a given point of the bezier. And what I am trying to achieve is to get the angle of the current point. I searched on the internet but I couldn't found

Supporting multiple resolutions in flash game

I'm working on a little flash game that has a couple of GUI components. I'm having a bit of trouble coming up with a good design that can support a min spec of 768x1024 and a max spec of 1200 x 192...

Effects on htmlText in a TextField

In Flash when you set text in a TextField object with the htmlText property, changing the alpha value no longer works. Is there a way around that?

Change Label text with ActionScript

I got very basic question. Why this is not working?!

Flex/AS code for webcam

Can any one point me to a small piece of flex/AS code to test webcam and Microphone.

flash as3 supplied index is out of bounds

I'm trying to remove children from a movie clip upon user interaction but it's saying "the supplied index is out of bounds" - however, I must be missing something because it doesn't seem like anyth...

AS3: Is it possible to capture stage elements or bitmap data into a netstream?

I'm looking at the netstream documentation. but can't really glean if appendBytes() can really take arbitrary data. Could I really just take arbitrary bitmap data (as a byte array) and append the f...

MXML/AS error in Camera.get()

i am new to flex/AS programming

Need help styling a TabNavigator in Flex

I have a tab navigator control and I would like to make all of the tabs a certain color, say blue...

Dynamically calling array value by index number

I'm having trouble calling the values of an array using their index number dynamically.

Reading Text File in ActionScript Moblie iOS App

I am trying to read from words from a text file in ActionScript Mobile Project. Each Word is then stored in an Array. This works fine during AIR IOS Simulator, but now I am Debugging on an Ipad and...

AS3 Components in Flash Designer

In an ActionScript 2 project I can create a new MovieClip, right-click on it on the library and select "Component Definition" to add parameters that can be referenced inside the MovieClip. This

Flex : Communicate between the skin and the data model?

How to send to the skin some value which have changed?

public function access fail

I have this situation where I declare inside my main class a function that looks like this:

Flex: Call method after viewstack change

In my application I have a viewstack which I am changing via actionscript using the selectedChild attribute. The problem I run into is that I want to call a method in the component that is now the

POST to opened javascript window and have Flash close the window

This is a pretty complex scenario, so please bare with me.

Flex: Database driven DataGrid: arrows disappearing

In Flex I'm using the following code to allow sorting in a DataGrid (the data is paged and sorted serverside).

Flash TextField HTML - How do I prevent the error dialogue for missing images? (Error #2044: Unhandled IOErrorEvent:. text=Error #2035: URL Not Found.)

I'm using a Flash TextField control to display some HTML content inside a Flash presentation to be shown on a large touch-screen kiosk. Unfortunately, if any image tag in the displayed HTML content

removing instance after excecuted 2

got an Parameter child must be non-null error with this code anyone can help ?

Height of component increasing when adding children

I have a simple flash component that is just a rectangle with a border around it. This component represents my chat box. I then create 20 TextFields that will be overlapped on the component to disp...

Setting property of Object in Flex

<mx:Canvas id="maincanvas" backgroundColor="7000" width="100%" height="100%">

AS3: Access button from class

So im quite new to AS3 but have worked with AS2 a lot before.

Bindings not firing on Interface

I have an interface IBaseInterface and a class BaseClass.

AS3 add movie clip to stage using variable which holds the MC name

I know how to add a movie clip to the stage from the library but i'm strugling to do it when the I need to load a movie clip from the library when the name of the movie clip is held in a variable.

popups from embedded .swf cross-browser

Situation: you've got a .swf embedded in an html page, and when you click on something in the .swf, it needs to popup a chromeless window. Normally this would be fairly easy - but consider Safari, ...

Calling a variable given its string name

var myvar = "this is the value of myvar";

Robotlegs Logout

I am building a robotlegs app where you have to login in order to use it. When you loggin I have numerous mediators,injectors,models,vos etc. What should I remove when one logs out?

Flash AS3 Maze Type Game Issue

I've created a maze game in Flash as3 and it all works great as an individual swf. As soon as I drop it into the main container swf it stops working! Well, it still kind of works, but it loses the

Air application created with Flex - How do I create a fly-out window to the left/right

I have an Air application with a main window. I would like to have a new window fly out from the side of the main window when the user clicks on a button in the main window. The window that appears...

Swf game loading infinity?

i tried to create a swf game. It worked perfectly on my old host and domain. But when i moved my game to new host and domain, it doesn't show loading progress on firefox and with google chrome, it ...

Actionscript - is it better to cast or create a new variable? Or does it matter at all?

I find that in my daily Flex/Flash work, I do this number a lot:

ActionScript 3 - Using Associative Array to count occurrences

Hey everyone, in many programming languages there is this great idiom that lets you use a hash to count occurrences of items. Eg in Perl, suppose you have a list of students and you want to see how...

Connecting lines (while dragging) in Flex/Actionscript

I have a mx:Canvas element that contains several mx:Panel elements. I want to be able to draw a line connecting two such mx:Panel's in such a way that the line continues to connect the two mx:Panel...

How to send a Json in order to make an update in Rails?

I am trying to make an update between flex and rails with something like this:

How to loop through all params without knowing their names

I have a few functions that accept several parameters.

Tracing MovieClips Name

I am creating some MovieClips like so:

How to check if mouse is on a shpae in Flash

I am building a simple flash game in AS3 and I was wondering if I could use code similar to "hitTestPoint()" except it applies to a shape and not a symbol?

Checking anonymous function signatures at runtime (reflection) in AS3

Is there any way to have a look at signatures of anonymous functions in ActionScript 3 during runtime?

VoIP with Flash?

Hello there

Flex Help: Repeaters not repeating in an Accordian control

I am having a issue with databinding child repeaters inside an accordion control, hopefully you can help...

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