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Alternative to ASP.NET Ajax framework in aspx front end

I'm developing some CRUD screens for retrieving/updating various items using .NET 3.5 and aspx forms. I am using a WCF service to connect to the back end which is Oracle. I want to use Ajax but I'd

React to 303 status code in jquery ( Prevent from redirecting)

when I send requests to a certain server, a 303 response will come, followed by the requested response in combination with a 200 status code.

Trouble with $.post

I am trying to insert some values into an sql database.

Encapsulating ajax call fails probably because of object visibility

I have this piece of code that is supposed to work on Firefox 3.6 . The problem is that the variable this.xmlhttp that should be defined to STEP2 and used on STEP3 acts as if the code on STEP2 and ...

$.ajax() success called, but will not run method

This is really puzzling me. Any idea why this would be happening?

Anything wrong with adding the PUT,DELETE verbs to the .aspx extension in IIS?

I'm using PUT and DELETE more and more w/ my ajax work and wanted to see if it would be a "bad idea" to add these verbs to the .aspx application extension in IIS.

Jquery ajax in loop

I am writing a Sql convertor which handles mysql to mongodb. I am writing an interface to my converter with ajax.

How do I refresh an ASP.NET ListView using jQuery and AJAX?

I have a page with a number of ListViews that I want users to be able to sort and page through. Rather than postback and rebind the entire page each time, I would like to do it via jQuery/AJAX

Jquery Ajax with GET not working

I have this peace of HTML code

Why did my AJAX Accordion control stop working?

I really don't even know where to begin. I was trying to do some stuff with a reportviewer in an ASP.Net web app, and the next time I ran my project, the AJAX accordion stopped expanding on a comp...

AJAX multiple checkboxes / multiselect

Alrighty then, howdy first off; quick question I have a form that has multiple check boxes with the same name (i.e. -

Ajax Response Json Print result in table or div array

I have an ajax call to a php file that encodes the array into a json array/object. What I am trying to do is to print the json response into a table format or an array of

Page not loading fully after firing a jQuery ajax request

I am facing a strange issue where-in my webpage does not load fully after firing a jQuery ajax POST request. I have a webpage that gets some html data from server via web service. I used jQuery ajax

javascript not being called

I am using this HTML

jQuery ajax json webservice error

If someone could point out what's wrong here I would certainly appreciate it. I can set a breakpoint in the webmethod and it gets hit, but it always errors out.

How do I load a HTML table sections at a time

I have a table that will rebuild async everytime a new option is selected from a dropdown. I am able to make the call and the HTML is generated correctly but when sending it back across the wire it

setInterval not working for ajax call

I have a getJson call to a webservice and works fine, Now I'm trying to make the request every 10 sec. using setInterval with a callback function to fire an alert pop up. I can't make it work. Here...

extract AJAX from file

After getting my AJAX to work with help from another question I asked, I'd like to create another file that contains my functions to keep my code clean. I haven't found anything useful online, so...

What are best practices/methods in preventing ajax requests and or form submisions from pages that my server did not serve?

Knowing that anyone can see my AJAX URL string and or forms how can I prevent calls or submissions from pages that my server did not serve?

jQuery AJAX post request issue - cannot get to root directory

$.post("./ajax.php", { action: "formID", firstname: firstname_val, email: email_val })

passing csrf token through jqgrid on cell edit

I'm using Codeigniter and jqgrid to build an application. I've recently enabled Codeigniter's builtin CSRF protection for security reasons, and it broke some stuff with jqgrid. I've been able to ...

Getting Request parameters from Ajax Response

I am making ajax call to a java method for every 30 seconds.

getSript adds handler several times at the same object

I have 2 divs, they have multiples elements and each element has options(events). In the first div, each element has a button that load, in the second div, the children elements. Those children hav...

To Ajaxify Or Not?

I really love the way Ajax makes a web app perform more like a desktop app, but I'm worried about the hits on a high volume site. I'm developing a database app right now that's intranet based, tha...

Content sent through jQuery ajax is getting cut off

I am trying to send html via jQuery's $.ajax() method, and then dump the html into a new .html file, but the content is getting cut off for some reason.

Jquery added by ajax request in php page doesn't work

i have a script jquery that upload an image and show it by a php script called in this way:

oncheck event update table

I have a simple question here.

Ajax-render a table which is inside a different form

I am facing a problem rendering a data table when selecting a date from <rich:calendar>. I use <a4j:ajax> for the rendering but with no effect. Here is the code sample:

form validation using ajax/jquery in Joomla

I want to create custom form validation in joomla using ajax or jQuery. on-blur when user input a invalid thing it should validated and show the error and all error messages should read from xml. P...

heroku javascript ajax post not returning anything

I'm trying to do a ajax post to a heroku server app and have the app return a response to the client web page (on a different server).

Preflight of cross domain Ajax with custom header (using jquery) always getting cancelled

I am trying to make a cross domain POST with custom headers, but the preflight always getting cancelled (That's the word in Chrome's "Inspect Element" panel >> "Network" label), and I cannot tell w...

Why would javascript eval work in chrome, safari, but in firefox only when firebug on?

Thanks to this answer I was able to get javascript to execute when being loaded via an ExtJS AJAX call.

Method for displaying “loading” message

I am using jquery and the getJSON method and I am wondering if there is a way to display a message saying loading before it loads my content. i know with the jquery ajax calls there is the before s...

How can I post a list of items in MVC

I have a simple form with a list of items in it and I'd like to post them to the controller but funny thing is I just cant. Everything else goes through properly except the list. I checked the ajax...

Restrict the min/max zoom on a Bing Map with v7 of the AJAX control?

I'm working on a site that makes use of v7 of the Bing Maps AJAX Control. One of the things I need to do is restrict the zoom level so as to prevent users from zoom in past a certain level, or zoom...

Different function for form success and for the form validation messages

I've just been helped with some functions and callbacks to get this animation on my form once submitted:

How should I implement a very simple one-to-one chat on a PHP page? Comet?

How should I implement a very simple one-to-one chat on a PHP page? I thought I should use Ajax and jQuery, but this generates too many connections to the server.

Cancelling previous ajax request jquery

From what I've read the general solution to this is as follows:

Refresh page after a database entry without Javascript's setTimeout()

Isn't there a way where I can refresh the page right after a database new entry WITHOUT using Javascript setTimeout or setInterval?

AJAX/JQUERY strange behaviour for special chars

Hello I'm developing a simple application where the user can change a content in a database by simply clicking "edit and save" without page refreshes. This is done with Jquery, AJAX POST and CKeditor

ModalPopupExtender not working in IE but working in FF

I am facing a critical problem i am using ajaxmodalpopupextender in my page.

Using JQuery AJAX and php to fetch data from a mysql database

This is follow up post where I'm having a problem where my php code is not returning the data it should. I have this api.php code (under Joomla):

Django - load page fragments using Ajax/Ajah

I have a complex page where some parts of the page take more time to load. I was thinking about using AJAH approach and load fragments using jQuery after initial page is loaded. Then I realized that

rail ajax remote form to update text field upon submission

All I want to do is update a text field on my page with a value when my Rails remote form is submitted.

Jquery clear select in the second populate

I have this jquery and it is working fine. but the problem that i am facing when i select second time it will add the data to the previous results. and will not clear it.

Countdown function connected to ajax

I currently have an PrimeFaces <p:poll> ajax poll function that executes every 90 seconds to refresh some data. I've been asked to make this visual and I'm just wondering the quickest/lightes...

ASP .NET MVC3 ajax call same function from various pages

How can I call the same action using ajax from different pages?

CKEditor - attach to AJAX loaded content

I have page that has a contenteditable area that has a CKEDitor attached.

How to deal with out-of-sequence Ajax requests?

What is the best way deal with out-of-sequence Ajax requests (preferably using a jQuery)?

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