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Play cannot resolve org.alfresco:alfresco-web-service-client dependency

I am new to Play Framework and have an application from which I need to access Alfresco. This is the Build.scala file

Alfresco + Opsoro Setup

I want to set up a content mgmt system. And i feel the combination of Alfresco with Opsoro is a gud one. Any other suggestions?

How to change web script to a set response format instead of allowing negotiation?

I just created a web script to get the ticket of Alfresco Share.

Where does one place share beans in the extension path in alfresco?

I am trying to figure out where to place a share bean in the extension path. I have tried placing it in the following directories:

Recommendation engine for Alfresco?

I want to implement Amazon-like recommendations in Alfresco.

How to get Group node in Alfresco 3.1's Java-Backed Webscript

With Javascript Webscript, I can get a group node with the following code:

Open Cmis API has no access to Alfresco's “Inherit Parent Space Permissions”

I'm working on a liferay portlet similar to 'Documents and Media', that connects to an Alfresco repository, and using the apache chemistry open cmis API to interact with repository items.

Link Liferay and Alfresco with sso (OpenAM) authenticated user

We need to show document from alfresco in Liferay portlets. We would use the CMIS connector with the document library. But we are required that the users be authenticated with OpenAM (a sso).

what is type and aspect in alfresco?

Right now am started working with alfresco. But am not clear about what is type and whats aspect?. please give in detail with example.

How to get the name of a document in Alfresco with SQL?

How to retrieve the name of a document from the Alfresco database (PostgreSQL)? I'm trying to get a list of documents created by a given user, e.g. admin, from a starting date, e.g. 2015-05-03:

Alfresco debugger cannot open js including an import tag

I'm implementing a custom document-details action in Share on community 4.0.a.

Upgrading Alfresco Enterprise from 3.3.3 to 4.2.x - how do I verify which service packs have been applied?

I am considering upgrading Alfresco to the latest version (4.2f) and the image below from Alfresco upgrade paths implies that this is possible.

Is it possible to create a constraint based on another defined type in Alfresco?

I can find anything that would suggest this is possible or otherwise I have the following declared models.

Upload File with OpenCMIS has no content

I'm trying to upload a file into my Alfresco repository using Apache Chemistry OpenCMIS.

Alfresco New Production(server) system Installation

I will install Alfresco in a new production system(Server System). So what are System(server) configuration need for following requirements?

How to write a webscript to returns the ticket for the current user?

I need to implement a web script that generates a returns the ticket for the current user. This web script is addressed by the URI I use to setup a URLConncetion. The ticket should be contained in ...

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