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Inserting Calendar items in Android ICS

For one of my application we have to insert an event into calendar.

Android connecting server, how do I stop the socket after a certain amount of time?

I'm developing a personal android application used at home for my own functionality.

OnTouch delay (Android)

I have an app where I need to have a delay after each touch in an ImageButton.

Android: AsyncTask how to use wait/notify

Is it possible to call wait & notify inside an AsyncTask? So far, I tried to use them but all it does to block the AsyncTask forever. How can I overcome this? My usage is: I have a camera frame

Create a custom View by inflating a layout?

I am trying to create a custom View that would replace a certain layout that I use at multiple places, but I am struggling to do so.

Import eclipse project with other package name ? - Eclipse / Android

I have project in eclipse (done app). Now I want copy this project, but with other package name.

How to delete the contacts on android 2.2?

I need to delete the duplicate contacts and then inserting the new contact on Android 2.2.

Using ConnectBot with Intents

Is there any way to access the ConnectBot functionality via intents? I want to start a ssh-session out of my application and authenticate via Private/Public Key, and close the session afterwards. I...

Writing a large XML file with Out Of Memory Error Java

I am developing an app for android, I need to create a rather large XML file.

Android: Storing Image into project directory (files)?

I want to store my Bitmap image into project directory. How can I have access to my project folder or what is the address of my project folder?

Android Development: Improve EditText Scrolling?

Is there any way I can increase my EditText's scrolling?

SimpleCursorAdapter within a ScrollView

I'm having abit of an issue and i'm not too sure how to go about solving it.


My question is about how get the max id row of a table... I'm using max function but give me a error

Can I press back button using selenium web driver of android emulator

Can I press back button of android emulator using selenium web driver?

Android rss unable to parse XML with attribute

Document doc = getDomElement(response); // getting DOM element

setListAdapter within MainActivity

Hi I'm trying to get my listview to work with json and in my MainActivity. I have an error on my onPostExecute(string result) method. It gives me the following error: "The method

Make new activity take the place of the parent in the stack

I have read about activities, stacks and launch modes, but have a hard time understanding how to apply this info to my specific problem.

Perform action on click of sliding drawer Handler

In my application I want to fill the sliding draw only when data is not null.

Google Maps API Android - Error inflating class fragment

I know that there are many topics on StackOverFlow regarding this problem, however none of them could help me.

How to optimize custom view?

So I defined an custom view based on LinearLayout:

Android: calling a method from a Service to an Activity

I have a simple question to solve, but I am not sure how to do it.

Android Development: How do graphics work in Android?

I am an android development beginner with some experience in other object oriented languages like java, python, c#. So I have created various games before in Java, using buffers and graphics to draw

Format current date to show day of the week

I want to show the current date in my application like this:

how to convert double to string in android

i want to convert string in my constructor into double, i can't change it in my constructor, because in one process, the variable must in double, and other class must be string, can you tell me the...

How can I allow horizontal tab navigation (swipe views) with action bar navigation tabs?

How can I allow horizontal tab navigation (swipe views) if I'm using action bar navigation tabs?

Android AsyncTask (returning an Integer from doInBackground)

I'm getting the following errors in the code below: The return type is incompatible with AsyncTask.onPostExecute(Integer). I'm trying to return the result from the http request done in the doInBack...

Generic OR instead of AND <T extends Number | CharSequence>

Is it possible to generically parameterize a method accepting EITHER ClassA OR InterfaceB ?

access files from assets/www directory

let's say I've got a file called foo.html sitting (quite comfortable) in my assets/www directory (next to my index.html).

why this exception: java.lang.RuntimeException: Error inflating class

I am trying to develop a tiny android app that just opens a browser to a website. I am using mac OS 10.6 and the latest android/eclipse tools. But I keep getting this exception:

Understanding measureWithLargestChild: Why breaks the layout?

I'm playing with the option measureWithLargestChild="true". I don't understand why my layout breaks total, if one of my buttons has a too big text onto it. I think it should keep the basic size of ...

Loader not loading data when sqlite data changes

I have a DialogFragment that I'm working on to display two spinners, side by side, one displays a list of drivers, the other a list of vehicles.

Android newbie learning dialogs = CRASH

I'm trying to learn custom dialogs. I made one with a button in it and it comes up fine and I can hit breakpoints in the constructor and onCreate method, but when I click the button it crashes wi...

Android & Robotium - Testing that a fragment shows up?

In my android application (Tablet) I want to verify that after selecting a button the fragment appears on the screen. Is there a way to do this?

how to pass the value of a variable that is created in the class A in class B

I need to pass the value of a variable That Is created in a class A to a class B. I'm still a beginner and I can not figure out how to proceed. Could you give me a hand?

Only getting DatePickerDialog's value when Done button is being pressed

By referring in API demo, I tend to show date picker widget through the following way.

Displaying a progress dialog until new activity loads

I have a progress dialog I am trying to show when a user clicks a button to launch a new activity. The spinner should be displayed on the current page until the other activity appears. ( The activi...

Android-null pointer exception after onResume in game loop

I am working on an android game.I was the facing the same issue as here

Get information from HTML by identifying tags

All- I have never done this sort of thing before and am very confused. I have spent hours on Google looking for some example code or any hints but whenever I try to work with the available code I a...

How do you layout a form that scrolls in Android SDK?

I need to have a user form that is larger than the screen. The layout consists of a fixed "title area", the form (in a scrollview possibly) and a button on the bottom. I have created three layout...
7394 File Access - Getting total Counts of Images in my Gallery (iPhone/Android)

Is there any way to get the total counts of Pictures in my Gallery? We need to preview the total counts in my gallery. We can't find what API method to be used for it.

NullpointerException when opening a tabhost activity

I am working on an application where i moving from list menu to tabhost activity ,that is

Modify color Android selected Dropdown item

How can I modify the text color of the selected item on a Spinner in an Android Honeycomb application?

What does Relative layout wrap_content do?

I have a simple layout as follows. Even though, I set all attributes as wrap_content, the resulting layout fills the entire screen height wise. The individual layouts in themselves are small. So th...

How can i disable a scrollview?

I am using relativelayout and inside it a scrollview and inside it a linear layout and a textview which is ensuring scrolling of textview, but I do not want to scroll the text after the particular

Way to know if my application is installed

Is there any way (intent) to know if my application is installed ?

Android: Start Async Task in OnReceive Method

I currently have a Service which manages a Broadcast Receiver. This receiver can be turned off and on.

Cancel textchange listener event

I have a edittext with a textchange listener. In the listener I test if the input of the user is where I want to test if the input is within the min-max boundaries.

Need to store LOTS of data on Android device, thinking of going OODB

I'm currently working on a project that's based on Android. Without getting into many details, the software will run on a custom built device. The hardware will never change and will always be the ...

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