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how can i pass my instance variable througout my entire activity?

I am trying to make a custom list view adapter. In my public void function I am trying to set the adapter.. (after make the list from the web

Android Expansion apk

I was going through the docs of APK EXPANSION FILES in android and I was wondering that can we have all layout files in the patch apk and application's business logic in main apk ?

Android client - Restlet 2.0.15 - cannot connect with HTTPS/SSL - recoverable error 1001

I have written an Android web service client using the Restlet framework for Android (2.0.15), and I've also written the web service backend as well (again with Restlet 2.0.15 JEE) which has been

Dynamically Add Fragment with LayoutParams

Is it possible to add dynamically add Fragments with LayoutParams? I have 2 fragments that I want to put in a RelativeLayout: one should lock to the left. The other should be locked to the right.

RequestBatch.Callback onBatchCompleted() not called

Having trouble using facebook graph API library for android when sending a batch of requests.

Capturing and intercepting ACTION_SEND intents on Android

Currently I have a pretty standard ACTION_SEND intent to share information from inside my app. Code is similar to what is below:

Base64 encoder and decoder

Is there a base-64 decoder and encoder for a String in Android?

Seekbar with Android 4.0 style

I know that it is possible to change the style of any widget in android.

Making my application crash more gracefully

I have an app that is running pretty stably (no more crashes actually), but as everybody knows your program crashes as soon as it gets in the hands of somebody else :D

Scaling down photo taken by camera and getting the picture Path

I am trying to scale the photos taken with a camera, but i am not sure where or how to do this. Right now the code is accessing the camera, taking a picture and displaying it in a listview, i would...

Android display Toast even the app is closed

Say, I have to calculate the sum of two digits and I pass the two values to the server and sever returns the calculated value and the app displays it in a Toast. It works perfectly. But I want to s...

Populating a spinner with specific entries from an array

I am working on an application for Android. For this I am making an Activity in which you select your country and then a spot in that country. I have one spinner that contains a list of all available

Loading contact picture via LOOKUP_KEY and openContactPhotoInputStream convenience method

I'm modifying my app to store information on contacts using LOOKUP_KEY instead of _ID as suggested by the API docs. The only problem I'm having is that I'm no longer able to load the contact's phot...

Console textview android

I'm new in android developement. I'm doing an application that will go through some process and in the process, something happens. So I want a visual console in my activity screen to see what is go...

Get a tablets(iPad or Droid) mac address?

Synopsis: I am developing a HTML5 web app that will allow tablets(iPad or Droid) to login to a server and perform various functions. The client would like a way to check the devices mac address when

startActivity and intercept intent extras

I'm considering to do the following for log in a user:

Can i put flurry code in onCreate() and onDestroy()?

I am trying to use flurry for my android app. It says that i should put flurry code in onStart() and onStop() methods. I dont have these methods in my code. I have two activities and both use onCre...

android how to load an intent inside a view

i know that ActivityGroup is able to change the content of a view, but it is about to be decaperate..

How to send a simple email programatically? (exists a simple way to do it??)

im searching on google and here and i only find hard ways, that i

Android integrating apk with an application

I am new to android. I am making an application for reading the pdf files. For this i want to integrate some existing open source apk with my application. Please suggest and give me example, how i ...

Android and Google Analytics: Cant track events

I am using google analytics in my projec and I am getting the "Problem with socket or streams." error message.

How should I be using .setAdapter here? /How do i get around not extending ListActivity?

I have a class that is already extending TabActivity so i can't extend ListActivity.

Populating listview from a different activity with items from a SQLite database

I have a class which extends ListActivity within I have all methods for managing database items: insertItems(), getItems(), showItems(), etc. Everything works great when I populate this list view w...

Android : How to share layout+drawable resources between packages?

I'd like to be able to change the UI layout of an activity, based on a layout (+ it's own drawables) provided by another package (plugin theme). That's something really new to me, and I need some

Can't update android widget from BroadcastReceiver

I want to code an app that displays some information in an widget, which should be updated from time to time. From time to time means, that I use an alarm timer to trigger a peroidic update. So her...

Android ExpandableListView

Recently I'm trying to use android's expandable list view, so I googled around and stumbled upon this

Sleep oder wait in For-Loop

I'm trying to turn the LED on and of for a particular lenght (out_tic), based on a given Text in Morse-Code(Text).

Error Java.Lang.NullPointer Exception on Android Twitter OAuth

i have some problem, i want to make my application OAuth with twitter account

Compute relative orientation given azimuth, pitch, and roll in android?

When I listen to orientation event in an android app, I get a SensorEvent, which contains 3 floats - azimuth, pitch, and roll in relation to the real-world's axis.

Extending abstract class in Android: A LocationProvider

This is probably a simple/dumb problem. I can't find any documentation on it.

Android PhoneGap intent-filter, Browser calling back to running app?

I have a Cordova/PhoneGap 2.0 based Android application, and I'm attemping to use intent-filters to register a custom protocol handler.

Android menu shared between activities (unwanted)

I think I understood the Activity lifecycle on Android, but I still can't figure why the followin is happening.

Android UI design for multiple size factors

I'm building an app, which starts with a PIN screen similar to the stock PIN entry screen, the problem is that I cannot get the design to work on all kinds of phones, for simplicity's sake let's t...

Triggering a toast from a listener

I'm using an external package defining a JunctionActor. The idea is that a JunctionActor can send JSON messages to a remote server via a method called sendMessage and receive messages via a listener

Listview setOnItemClickListener - Not working for custom listview but working into simple listview

I have problem with the get the listview item when click listitem.

c support in mobile platforms

Is C a language that can be used on Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, Windows Mobile, and WebOS?

How to handle exceptions in enduser friendly way

I am developing an android app where I am dealing with sending and receiving information to and from our servers.Please let me know when any sort of exception occurs I am trying to show an alertbox...

Can i create virtual touchs on display of phone which based on Android OS?

Can i make display of phone feel touched ? Clearly to say, i have one Point(x,y) and i want to touch there programatically without using finger. Is there any event to raise and send as parameter to...

Handle Concurrency for GridView when used in conjunction with AsyncTask

I'm reading chapter processing bitmaps off the UI thread in Android training.

How to avoid repeat the same satellite information in list?

I create a simple application for shows GPS sensor satellite informations.

Android Application Vs. Process

I have created a Android Application with one Activity and package name "com.explore"

Extending the Application Class & Good Practices

I have been told recently that extending the Application Class in order to use it as a Singleton was a bad practice but without any explanation.

Android - TextView not showing

I have a TextView that used to show on the screen, and did what I wanted. However, I streamlined some later code that repositions it with a touch to it's parent FrameLayout. Now, the TextView (named

How to download a webpage for offline viewing on Nexus 7

I have a webpage that I would like to view when I am not in a WIFI area on my Nexus 7 tablet.

Facebook login keeps failing

Before starting, a very similar question was asked recently, but I was facing a couple of other issues, and wanted to add some context.

How to make checkbox checked in the OnItemClickListener()?

I have a checkbox in my ListView row which looks like this.

Android: setPictureFormat() error

I'm a beginner in Andoird, currently trying to write an application using the Camera class of Android in Eclipse. The problem is when I call the parameters.setPictureFormat() method with ImageForma...

How can I Access an already existing SQLite database in mono for android

I'm currently working on a project where the application I'm creating needs to include a database. I've got no problems so far creating my own SQLite database from my application and accessing it i...

Contents of android permission groups

Android has different permission groups and permissions. Each permission group represents certain permissions. But I couldn't find a list of permissions held by each group. Is it published anywhere...

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