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Facebook SSO integration, logout method doesn't actually log me out from the Native FB application

I have implemented SSO for facebook and the login works for FB(native app) when i Login from My App.(third party) , now the issue (or i am not sure if this is restricted by FB) is that when i perfo...

Building OpenCV 2.4.5 in android ADT: “ndk-build” not found in PATH

I'm trying to follow this OpenCV document to import OpenCV sample projects into the android ADT, and am getting the now infamous "Program "C:\android\android-ndk-r8d-windows\ndk-build" not found in...

How to remotely access a LAN network (embedded) device without port forwarding?

I've looked around SO and haven't found exactly the answer I'm looking for, so please forgive me if this is a duplicate. If so, please direct me to the answer. Thanks.

android classcastexception at

i have the following exception when i running the following application

Android any orientation XML layout

Hello I am trying to make my layout compatible with all orientation screen types (landscape/portrait). For that I am using layout-land and layout-port.

Upload file with different name

I want to upload images & send with different names.

android admob id

i am very new to the android app development, and i have just almost completed one app finally, and now i am trying to add admob to the app in order to show the ad undernearth.

Custom Adapter getView() method is not called

Here is the code of the fragment in which I am setting a custom adapter to the list. There no errors but the list view is empty. I have implemented getCount() which returns right number of items in...

Implementing ViewPager in custom calendar

I have a FragmentActivity with 2 tabs. Each tab calls a fragment- Calendar and Converter:

Custom Panning Methods for Google Maps V3

I need to have a custom control on my Google Map v3 so I can take control of the focus for dpad navigation on GoogleTV. I am looking for a way to pan with each click of the directional arrows...just

Creating Android background, how many pixels?

I want to create backgrounds for my Android game. And while reading here I get how it works, what I don't get is how to set the correct size in Photoshop for the different folders.

Show progress text while logging user in - Android App

I'm working on an Android app and am having trouble updating the GUI. Basically what I want to achieve is when my user clicks the Sign In button, call the setVisibility method on the groupLogInPro...

android.R error if import is present

I just finished debugging one of my apps because I was having issues with R.layout.

Javadoc for jdk1.7.0_06 not working in eclipse

I'm not getting the javadoc (I guess it's called) popup in Eclipse which gives details about the Java/Android method I'm currently hovered over. For instance, if I type Log.d and hit CTRL+SPACE the...

Application causing phone to heat up

I have been getting complaints from a few users that once they installed my application there phone has been heating up (sometimes even when the application is not running).

How to generate a view id in code?

I need to create some views in code and want to assign an id for the view. How can I generate a view id that is guaranteed to be unique among the rest of the view ids but do this at runtime?

how to draw custom gallery in android

I want to develop an app based on the image in which thumbnails can move from top to bottom and left to right simultaneously.

Kivy: Sound starts to play, but is 'unstoppable' on Android, but on Windows it works

I got a series of ToggleButtons in kivy, with each loaded a different soundfile.

How to manually display frames from Camera.PreviewCallback after processing, without Camera.Preview

I have built a face detection app where I get the frames from onPreviewFrame, do the face detection and then draw a circle on a canvas above my surfaceView. The problem is frames are automatically

How to make one part of view (relativelayout) scroll, but another part not move?

I have a RelativeLayout that is a detail page for search results. It displays a bunch of different TextViews, has a table or two, and also holds a SupportMapFragment. I want that portion to be

Problems accessing my strings.xml items… i got numbers and not the string value

when from a java class i try to acces a item of my strings.xml file, i got numbers, like a mem position, and i dont get the string value of the item

How to make Android app recover from pause and resume gracefully

I am very familiar with the Android activity lifecycle, but I feel like I am missing something that should be pretty obvious here.

using a service or not in android

well in my app I want the user to get notifications depending on the time is it. So, it must check all the time current date and time, and giving notification for the upcoming event.

How to get and cancel a PendingIntent?

I have an alarmManager which I am using to send notifications to the user at specific times. Since there are multiple alarms, I have multiple pending intents that I am creating and giving a unique...

Cleaning project broke R

I had some problems with R in one of my Android projects, so I tried Eclipse->Project->Clean. I foolishly did it for all of my projects (what's the harm, right?). Now Eclipse throws a warning for e...

Android - How do you make a button invisible but still active?

I am trying to create a "hot spot" on my tablet that acts like a button but users can not see the button. When I try the following I have a button but when visibility is set to "4" the user cannot

Accessing local field vs object field. Is doc wrong?

The documentation seems to be wrong. Could someone tell me which is true?

using findviewbyid in a class that does NOT extend Activity in android

I have a class that is currently extending Activity and I have methods like findViewById, ArrayAdapter etc.

Android app won't return result from VB.NET WCF Service

here is my WCF server code (VB.NET)...

How to capture click events on different views in a list item?

I have a list view with an image view and text in a linear layout. I want to perform different operations when user clicks on the Image view and the Text view. I have tried onItemClickListener but ...

android selector

I use a Gallery to display Contacts's info,on the item view,there has two button which i use selector as their background,now here is the problem,i touch the area out of this two button,this two bu...

How accurate and fast is androids network location provider?

I'm making a weather application that needs to know current location that uses to report status of weather near/around a persons phone.

Show dialog in a layout on Android

My ui have 2 LinearLayout, layout1 and layout2.

jdk not found in windows 7

I have installed jdk-7u7-windows-x64 on my windows 7 (64 bit) machine, but when I try to install to installer_r20.0.3-windows gives me the following error

Disturbing grey boxes in google maps view

As you can see in the picuture there are little grey boxes in my map view. Has anybody a hint what is causing them?

Does putExtras() unarchive and then archive the extras again?

I'm working on an android application project, and I have a scenario where I send data between activities in the following order:

Android - draw bitmap

My test Android app has a single activity, LoadImage, with two methods: an onCreate method that processes images with OpenCV, and a Display method which displays the image on the screen for 5 secon...

openFileOutput throws exception

I am writing data to xml files in my android app. I looked up how to properly do file IO and found that I need to use openFileOutput. As far as I can tell there is nothing wrong with my code but it...

Developing on android-based device via wireless

One known way to develop your android application directly onto the device is using the usb connector and install the driver using eclipse. As such, is there a known way to do this wireless?

Animating a custom list view

I have searched the forum for this , but found no similar question, okay so I have a customised list view, Each entry in this list is a text view and an image. Suppose the user adds the text in some

Would like to find out how long the network has been connected for

I am using the following function to get the local IP address of the Android device:

Broadcast receiver throws error after reboot when application was not opened before

I have a broadcast receiver, launching after reboot to set several alarms with the help of the alarm manager.

Common Listener for a bunch of radio groups

I have about 60 radio groups that I need to register a listener for. Currently this is how I do it:

Custom ViewGroup, GridView, and SimpleCursorAdapter

I need to display data in 3 textviews, inside each grid item, but also I want each grid item to be square. Also the cursoradapter is all based on a search.

What is Market application's APK named?

I was trying to flash an update ROM.

Provide resources for several MCC (country codes) at once

I need to provide resource for whole continent.

Updating content within fragment

I am working on an android project and I am trying to work out how I can use fragments to make a tablet friendly UI for my app. But I am unsure how to update fragment B depending on what happens in

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