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AngularJS, clicking a button within a form causes page refresh

I have a form in Angular that has two buttons tags in it. One button submits the form on ng-click. The other button is purely for navigation using ng-click. However, when this second button is c...

AngularJS - make model variable available to jQuery?

I am just starting with AngularJS and am trying to figure out how to easily reference (bind?) scope variables from outside the Angular controller.

Angular.js delaying controller initialization

I would like to delay the initialization of a controller until the necessary data has arrived from the server.

AngularJS: Passing object property name to directive

I'm writing an angular.js directive that is a reusable input component for an array of objects.

Angularjs jqlite append() and jquery append() act differently with <td>

I'm trying to append some elements to a and I'm seeing some different behavior when using the built-in jqlite vs using jquery. I created a fiddle to demonstrate the difference:

angularjs: access inner scope from outer scope

I am trying to move bits from a parent controller inside child controllers in an angularjs app to not pollute the main controller too much.

Angular JS: scope not correct when calling a function dynamically?

I'm new to Angular JS. In my plunkr, I have a typeahead that works when I have the typeahead in the html markup. However, when I dynamically generate the html inside my directive, the typeahead no

Angularjs appending templates to each other

how to append code to already existing &lt;div ng-view&gt; container.

AngularJS factory http returns empty

I'm trying AngularJS for the first time. I'm getting JSON data from a http-get request using a factory, but the object is returned empty, before the ajax-request is done.

Javascript matrix addition of an arbitrary number of arrays' values, without using

I'm trying to build a helper function for my AngularJS app (but the solution doesn't have to use angular.forEach). The function should take an arbitrary number of arrays with same length and add the

How do I configure different environments in Angular.js?

How do you manage configuration variables/constants for different environments?

AngularJS angular.copy not working for bool

Can someone explain to me why I can get angular.copy to work with an object or array but if I try to use a boolean value, it does not work.

Angular UI Dialog - Closing and Reopening from Dialog causes Background

I am trying to close and reopen a dialog from the actual dialog controller's view. What ends up happening is that after dialog close/open, it won't properly close again. Escape works on some bro...

Directive to create a button

I got help to save json as file in client side here. Code is very short as in this fiddle.

Creating a 'More posts…' button in Angular.js

I am currently trying to make a 'show posts' button, for my Angular.js app. I am having trouble in setting the limitTo dynamically from an external script. So far I have:

Dynamic links in Twitter Bootstrap navbar in angularjs

I've created an angular application that uses Twitter bootstrap.

Monitor global variable from AngularJS

I want to constantly monitor the value of a global variable from Angular.

Can't get ng-class to work based on scope property within Angularjs directive

New to Angular. Trying to create a reusable directive so that I can share a navigation header bar across pages. Each separate html page should be able to specify what the current or active page is...

How to Loop through items returned by a function with ng-repeat?

I want to create divs repeatedly, the items is objects returned by a function. However the following code report errors:

Promise callback not called in Angular JS

If I call connect from doStuff, I get the message that the socket is connected, but the callback is not called. What am I missing here?

How to run angularJS tests in intellij idea 11.1.3?

I am new to AngularJS to JS in general. Now I want to use JSTestDriver and behavior driven development framework Jasmin . As I understood AngularJS works with Jasmine and test driver. I am working ...

Setting Bootstrap Error Class via AngularJS on Form Submit?

How can I efficiently set the error state of multiple form field after the user submits the form?

Opposite of $routeChangeSuccess in AngularJS

I was just wondering if there is a way to know if someone is changing the route of the URL.

Angular filter and order elements on click

I'm trying to filter a list of items (grabbed from JSON) onclick. I pull the data once from the server then would like to filter/order the elements using Angular.

Is Google Dogfooding Angular.js?

I've recently started learning Angular.js, and so far I'm extremely impressed by the framework.

AngularJS : Want to disable the link when it clicked once

I have a list and each item of the list is clickable.

Considerations on loading speed with AngularJS one page app

The argument of one-page app with AngularJS is not clear at all to me. Specifically

AngularJS Manually Render Controller and Template

I'm trying to implement a plugin system in angularjs that would allow users to configure which "widgets" they will see on a certain page. Each widget is defined by a controller and a template(url)...

Updating package with Bower

I am trying to update angular 1.0.5 to 1.0.6. I use Yeoman, and when try to update it is installing 1.0.5. I cleared the cache (removed everything from ~/.bower), still get the below log. I checked...

angular js unknown provider

I'm trying to "customize" the mongolab example to fit my own REST API. Now I'm running into this error and I am not sure what I am doing wrong:

How to run two separate Angular js apps in the same page

New to Angular. I feel like I'm missing something obvious: Shouldn't I easily be able to run to separate AngularJs apps (modules) in the same html page? Something like this:

Inform AngularJS about an updated model

I have a simple angular app like so:

angular with c# web api cross domain doesnt work

I'm trying to populate an angular with a result from json request on a web api without succcess.

Angularjs JSONP not working

I might be missing something here but I can't make this JSONP request work, here is the code:

Angular directive for a fallback image

If an image on a separate server doesn't exist I'd like to display a default image. Is there an angular directive to accomplish this?

Angular directives collaboration

So here I am trying to implement an autocomplete suggestion with angular and I need your expertise.

How do I store angular directive in a scope variable?

I am implementing a form builder in AngularJS and need to insert and reorder directives at runtime.

How to remove unwanted lines in Axis scale of a graph when using D3.js?

I have Logarthmic values in my Graph using D3.js. But here I have more number of lines which I don't need actually. how can I remove it. Please find the attached screenshot for reference..

AngularJs - cancel route change event

How do I cancel route change event in AngularJs?

breeze : Date Formatting

I'm receiving dates from the server in this format: Thu Apr 25 16:47:10 UTC+0200 2013

AngularJS ng-repeat handle empty list case

I thought this would be a very common thing, but I couldn't find how to handle it in AngularJS. Let's say I have a list of events and want to output them with AngularJS, then that's pretty easy:

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