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Django + fcgi = new edits to not shown

I wanted to dive into Python\Django development and used what I had at hands:


I have an WAMP webserver with Rewrite module activated.

.htaccess blocking access to PHP page

I have a directory in my Apache web service.

Apache LoadBalancer 'crashes' under the load

I have configured an Apache HTTP server + load balancer (utilizing the mod_proxy_balancer)

Django: WSGI delays

I've deployed a django-application, which basically works fine. The only problem I have is that there are sometimes requests hanging, and I can't find the reason for this.

Chmod 777 to a folder and all contents

I have a web directory /www and a folder in that directory called 'store'.

Running tomcat from another connected pc

I want to test some pages on several machine.

How to setup sub-domains like blogspot

What should do to setup a sub-domain for the users when they sign-up into my site.

How to modify web content using apache proxy?

I'm using apache server to test my browser. I want to insert some javascript to a web page, such as to analyze the page content.

Use .htacess to specify default filename is the current directory's name?

Is there a way to make apache (eg: through the .htacess file) base the default filename for a directory url on the directory name itself? I could do this one directory at a time by modifying the

“.htaccess” doesn't work for cache-control at sub directories

I made my own cache-control rule in httpd.conf. ANd need to apply different rules on each different sub directories.

Apache can't connect to http://localhost/. Port is changed to 81

I've just installed apache2.2 and installed it, but to get it running I had to change it listening port to 81. But the thing is now that I cant connect to it through localhost. The only thing I get...

how to show mime data using python cgi in windows+apache

I met a problem while using python(2.6) cgi to show a mime data in windows(apache).

Problem with SMTP and email header

Why my emails that I sent using smtp at some email account at Hotmail have two "Received:" fields in email header?

htaccess rewrite incorrectly appending URL with mod_wsgi config file path

I'm currently in the process of migrating domains [old_domain] -> [new_domain].

I need to convert apache rewrite to nginx

I need to convert apache mod_rewrite rules to nginx

require username and password

Please guide me accordingly if this question is noobish or a kind of duplicate.

Cannot remove index.php using htaccess

When I try to remove index.php

How do i tunnel from local to external apache

I'm trying to set up a ssh tunnel using putty so i can view websites which are at my work location. The remote development server (apache) does not accept any incoming calls on port 80, so i'm tryi...

mod_rewrite variable always == 'index.php'

I have the following file structure:

How would you compare Apache Tomcat & Glassfish as production servers?

I have a J2EE-based system which is running currently on Apache Tomcat. We are in discussions to move our production servers to the Glassfish server.

Website URL: is directing page to a modified index

Sorry for the awkward title. Here's whats going on.. If i go to:

Why did Perl say() not append newline in FCGI mode?

I have a strange behaviour with Perl's say function in FCGI mode. Newlines won't be append. Why does this happen?

What's the Apache server's user's group name on Mac?

What's Apache group on Mac (the www-data group on Debian)?

htaccess rewrite multi domain

i have a 2 domain website.

how to deploy a simple dart webService to apache server?

I have a very simple dart webService and i would like to deploy it to apache webServer.

Apache configuration: Regex to disable access to files/directories beginning with a dot

I want to disable access to any file OR directory, whose name begins with a DOT. I came up with the following but, it disables access to files/directories beginning with DOT only if they are direct...

Apache2 won't start - Mac OS X - Passenger

I've installed passenger a little while back and when I restarted my mac tonight, Apache2 won't start.

Issue with MIME types and serving svg: Resource interpreted as Image but transferred with MIME type text/xml

I'm targeting some SVG images with CSS to use as backgrounds on a few elements and having some strange issues. When going directly to the image it works fine, but when using in CSS I get the follow...

Limit Access to all files from within a specified directory on LAMP Server

I have a folder on my site (media) that I do not want the public to access, even if they know the full file names.

I'm having issues stopping Apache from rewritting URLs, even after a restart

All I want to do is be able to see a PHP file from the root without it going through the rewrites (thus our custom CMS).

Configure apache in EC2 Instance

I added an instance EC2 (ubuntu oneiric) in amazon web services, I added a load balancer for that instance and in add a subdomain in in the apache of that instance I added and enabled a

Url renaming using .htaccess file

Most are for redirections and removing file extensions or for dynamic urls.

What are the hidden features of Maven2?

What are the hidden features of Maven2?

h5ai folder date of modification is wrong

PROBLEM h5ai web server index for Apache Server shows 'last modified' wrong dates for each of my folders on my index list. Files created, removed or modified inside one of index folders do not

Apache with Passenger doesn't load Rails app

I'm developing a Rails app and am trying to configure the web server it's deployed on.

facebook like args on URL - why forbidden?

Running Apache with a html file for the index - it works fine when I tap into the browser:

query string gets ignored after mod_rewrite

I am using the following rewrite rule in my .htaccess file to send all requests to the index.php file located at the root:

PHP Cache Headers with CDN

I am trying the php header() function to set caching headers to my page. I have a CDN that caches the http requests. What I am trying to achieve here is that the CDN should cache my page for 2 days...

JavaScript expires headers can't be set to 12 months

I'm trying to make my website load faster. I used the tool YSlow to analyze the website and check for some improvements. My first step is to cache static files. Therefore I want to set the expires

Website link shows Apache HTTP Server Documentation

My website directory /manual shows Apache HTTP Server Version 2.2 Documentation page i have removed this directory from my FTP but still o a, getting this.

How can I get a header that will work with IIS 6, 7 and Apache?

I am trying to get a header that will work with Apache, IIS 6, and IIS 7. I won't go into the reason for that here. Let's just say that it's not as easy as I thought it would be :-)

Funny symbols showing in a website

Simple question I'm hoping, on Server A everything shows okay, but on Server B it shows as follows

How will I display images that are not in the apache data directory?

I am using Zend Framework, and am creating a image upload for users. So, I decided to split the users images by having a folder per user in an example directory such as /var/www/upload/user and I am

Multiple rails apps on Phusion Passenger on Apache

I have an rails application setup on a linux server which works fine and I can access it through:

invoke a Java program in Apache HTTP Server

Is there any way to invoke a Java program for a particular URL in Apache HTTP Server? Thanks.

Apache virtualhost directive: only ServerName, nothing else

If I create a vhost directive, it will always catch all requests on this IP address. Even if I set a ServerName, all other requests will be redirected to the DocumentRoot of this entry.

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