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How to pass array from server side to Javascript function on client side

How do I pass an array I have created on the server side onto the client side for manipulation by Javascript?

Binding an xml node's children to ASP.Net DropDownList

I'm trying to bind the contents of a node of XML to a Drop Down List without much success.

How can I get the size of an object in the HttpRuntime.Cache?

I am currently storing many different types of objects in the ASP.NET HttpRuntime.Cache and I was wondering if there is a way to figure out how big each object is?

WCF Cache vs. Page.Cache

I've got two different, but closely related ASP.Net web applications that use the same data on some pages. In both applications I am using the ObjectDataSource control, have EnableCaching="true", a...

Validating an uploaded file's ContentType in ASP.NET

I'm storing some files in my database and since I'm storing them in binary format and not keeping any other information, I have to make sure that all of them are in the same format so that I'll be ...

How to open website url from windows application(.net) (no javascript)

I want to open website url(in default browser) from my windows application.

good way to query many databases in ASP.NET

What I'm trying to do is run the same SQL select on many Oracle databases (at least a dozen), and display the output in a Gridview.

WCF services not working on the server

WCF service is not working on the server. I am getting following error

How to retrieve value from sqldatasource1 to textbox1 using

How to retrieve value from sqldatasource1 to textbox1 using ?

Using LINQ find nearby places from database

We want to receive list of nearby places from database using LINQ in ASP.NET 2012 and would like some feedback on our strategy.

MvcMusicStore No elements in sequence

I am working through the Mvc Music Store tutorial and am stuck on this LINQ query as it keeps telling me that the sequence has no elements. My model matches the model in the tutorial and I have ins...

Error with ASPNET RoleProvider

I just installed an application on a win2003 server and I'm getting this error:

ASP.NET Treeview control failing to handle angle brackets in data

I have some data which contains angle brackets in some of the fields.

how to render html tags on gridview from database

I have grid view to display techs notes. I am trying to force the grid view to display it as user enterd in text area

Increase the performance of page

We have one page which is about 300 KB after compression of viewstate. It's loading very slow. We are using telerik tabstrip. There are 8 user controls being loaded for this tab. Is there anyway we...

Is it possible to create an ASP.NET web service fully contained in .svc file?

Is it possible to create a "drop-in" web service? What I would like to do is create an .svc file that can be placed into a web directory on IIS and accessed (and executed) via its URL, without havi...

Need a good ASP.NET menu

I am looking for a good menu to use in an ASP.NET. I am currently using the asp menu. I need

DropDownList in Gridview Binding error Index 1 is either negative or above rows count

I have been trying to bind a drop-down list which is present in itemtemplate of my GridView.

web service session works while debugging but not when its published

I'm finishing up my first web service. It stores data on a dataset that I later need to check up on, so I need to keep that information around.

Return ADODB.Recordset type from .NET to Classic ASP

I have a DAL that I want to return an ADODB.recordset when executed from a classic asp. The object is exposed as a com object and I have a complete dal workin but I am not sure how to return an obj...

best (easiest) way to add dynamic content to a webforms application

i am working on a webforms app, and i have to create 'dynamic order lines'

ASP.NET Connection to DB forcibly closed when importing data into table

I am using C# Visual Studio 2005 and SQL Server 2005.

decode querystring within context.Request

i have an ashx file that requires some query-string values to deliver appropriate images.

A question about datasource objects in

When using DataSources in applications, paging and sorting along with GridView only works out of the box when using DataSet, DataTable, DataViews if you are using anything else you need to

How do I populate a dropdownlist based on a selection from another dropdownlist?

protected void ddlEnvironment_SelectedIndexChanged(object sender, EventArgs e)

How do I add a value to a TextBox that's inside an ASP:LoginView

I have some DropDownLists and some TextBoxes on a page. Normally I use this to clear and add value to the items:

What is the best way to implement “Copy to new” functionality with FormView control and content templates

I have a FormView control in an ASP.NET page. I use the InsertItemTemplate and EditItemTemplate to provide data manipulation functionality, and it is working very well. I would like to allow the us...

Anything wrong with adding the PUT,DELETE verbs to the .aspx extension in IIS?

I'm using PUT and DELETE more and more w/ my ajax work and wanted to see if it would be a "bad idea" to add these verbs to the .aspx application extension in IIS.

Regular expression for email to allow only two domain

I have to create a regular expression for email id like this

How can I find out why my thread is being stopped in ASP.NET?

Our logs are reporting ThreadAbortExceptions that are stopping our Quartz.NET jobs at seemingly random intervals. From what I understand, this wouldn't normally be caused by something the thread it...

Consideration of points while started to build some open source applications

There are lot of open-source application available in these days which provide various things like blogging, cms, own branded application etc.

.js files not being located by website on Win 2008 Web Edit IIS 7

I have been going around in circles with this for a couple of days now. I usually find what I need without posting.

ASP.NET: Problem with event handlers for dynamically created controls

I've got this problem with dynamically created TextBox.

How to iterate through each property of a custom object?

How can I go through each of the properties in my custom object? It is not a collection object, but is there something like this for non-collection objects?

Why ASP.NET MVC bothers to have a Default.aspx file?

When create a new ASP.NET MVC project in Visual Studio 2008, there is a Default.aspx page by default. It has one line

Rewritepath and IIS Integrated Mode

I have big issue with url-rewriting for IIS 7.0.

SQL Server Database File and WCF

I have a WCF Service that exposes a method GetCustomers(). The internals of the method uses a Data Layer along with a Business Layer to return a List of Customers. Currently I am using an SQL Server

How do I refresh an ASP.NET ListView using jQuery and AJAX?

I have a page with a number of ListViews that I want users to be able to sort and page through. Rather than postback and rebind the entire page each time, I would like to do it via jQuery/AJAX

A strange thing about Nullable Boolean type, And and Or in C#

I have a strange problem about the following codes:

Pass variables and access methods of User Control from CodeBehind

So I have a function renderWidget() in default.aspx.cs. The idea of this is to add a User Control to a page.

ASP.NET sites, hiring external design firms and standards

Hey. We're building a large ASP.NET website, and have hired an external firm to do the design (CSS + protoype pages). In fitting the design to the page, we've found a number of problems that indicate

ASP.NET ListView select and highlight line through checkbox

I am trying to get an ASP.NET 3.5 ListView control to select and highlight lines through checkboxes displayed in the first column. If I use an asp:LinkButton instead of a checkbox, the line selecti...

Request transfered to different ASP.NET website (different domain, server etc)

If I have a Web Server A which receives a request for a page/resource and I want to transfer the processing of that request to a different web server (B), is this possible in the ASP.NET web forms ...

How does <%$ %> and <%# %> work in ASP.NET?

I was using ASP.NET Web Forms and ASP.NET MVC for some period of time.

Easiest way to convert IGrouping to IHierarchicalDataSource

I have a list of business objects that I want to display in a menu. I can quickly use LINQ to created nested groups to match the desired structure but have to manually iterate through each to

Why did my AJAX Accordion control stop working?

I really don't even know where to begin. I was trying to do some stuff with a reportviewer in an ASP.Net web app, and the next time I ran my project, the AJAX accordion stopped expanding on a comp...

UserControl has IsPostBack, but Control does not

i'm trying to solve a bug in Visual Studio, the suggestion is to stop using UserControls and use Control instead..

Sorting Gridview in Visual Basic

I am trying to sort a gridview in visual basic using the following method, however the second line of code (Dim dv as DataView...) throws a NullReferenceException. When I debug the code and step th...

insert multiple xml elements in c#

I want to create XML document with multiple elements inside. The format should be something like this:

How do I edit all rows in an ASP.NET ListView control at the same time?

I would like to know how to put all of my ListView rows into edit mode at once. I am not looking for the traditional behavior of editing each row one at a time. The answer can be in either C# or

Partial postback and update panel problem

i have one label out of update panel and one button inside update panel. in button click event i update the label text. when i run the code and click on button then partial postback occur and button

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