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Redirect to a specific page using session variable

We are working a big project here in ASP.NET\VB.NET

How to retrieve values of dynamically created controls in code behind?

I intend to use Javascript to dynamically create a group of html elements (input boxes, select list, radio button, etc.) each time the user clicks "Add More" button.

The type or namespace 'Mvc' does not exist in the namespace 'System.Web'

I recently installed VS.NET 2012 and moved my ASP.NET MVC 4 project over. However, on building the solution I get hundreds of errors with :

Can you visually edit the html / view part of a project using Mono Develop?

I have downloaded and installed the windows binary installer for Monodevelop.

Using a Base Controller for obtaining Common ViewData

I am working on an ASP.NET MVC application that contains a header and menu on each page. The menu and header are dynamic. In other words, the menu items and header information are determined at

Serve static single page apps (static html) to only authenticated users with ASP.NET MVC

I am making an ASP.NET MVC site which needs to serve a number of single page apps.

On which Page life cycle are the Client IDs generated?

i am programatically adding Webcontrols in to a User Control i am also adding a javascript event passing the controlID as a parameter but the clientID is the one i assigned a it does not contain th...

Arabic Characters in URL

I have created a website using DNN. The site has arabic characters in URL after the domain name. For example:اسعارالعملات.aspx.

Confused about OpenID and ASP.NET

I don't want to add another username and ID to the world, so I really want to integrate openId into my web site. However, I am confused about it. I looked at various blogs about it, and they all po...

Strategy for separating common logic across multiple websites

I have a scenario where I have multiple websites using a commnon dll for authentication and general user detail fetching.

using jquery to write sql queries?

how to use jquery to write sql queries. consider a webservice call using jquery to webservice, sending an sql query and getting back the results in json format. but there's a problem with the

Does Serializable transactions only lock out other transactionscope statements? or everything?

In a transaction i have the following, MyEntities is my context:

Set the folder permission which is out of IIS

I need the settings in web.config file of my application through which i can set permission for particular folder outside IIS. I need this functionality through settings in web.config.
8579 Disallow Direct Access to Admin Directory

We have a directory named Admin in the root folder of an (4.0) web application.

Show RadListBoxItem Without Template

I have the following Telerik RadListBox, with a template.

Automatic fix for tempdb error related to 'ASPStateTempSessions'

As per this how-to, I've successfully configured IIS on my XP-SP3 dev box for SQL Server 2008 Express to save ASP.NET session state information. I'm just using SQL Server because otherwise on every
2873 - Prevent file (PDF, Word) download from a particular folder

I am creating a recruitment site and have a folder called /CV/ where I am storing resume files uploaded by the member.

Starting ASP.NET Development Web Server (Cassini) as part of unit test setup?

I'm using WatiN, NUnit and ReSharper to run my ASP.NET unit tests inside Visual Studio. I'd like (if it's not already running) to start Cassini to run my tests against.

DropDownList.SelectedValue changes (as a child control in a FormView) aren't sticking

Okay, I have a FormView with a couple of child controls in an InsertItemTemplate. One of them is a DropDownList, called DdlAssigned. I reference it in the Page's OnLoad method like so:

ServiceStack proper way to access routes and avoid markup

I think this question is more about best practices regarding web services and not necessarily limited to ServiceStack only. From what I've read here and on the SS wiki, the 'recommended' way to imp...

Edit / Delete table options

I have a table that has Edit and Delete links in each row. I am supposed to be able to click either Edit or Delete and it would do it. The edit link works but the delete has this error:

web.config transform at deploy time not build

I'm wanting to know how to perform the following
8716 Menu Control - Dynamic menus show on page load

I have an Asp.Net Menu control that displays across the top of our page. When the page is loaded, all the dymanic menus (the ones that fly out on mouseover) display until the page finishes loading,...

Filling Datagrid And Sql Query

I have 3 tables in database shown below. And I want to make a report just like shown link below. How can I do it with datagrid or datalist? Which one is the best chois? I have tried to do it for a ...

How to redirect user another .NET page (in same domain) but not change URL in addressbar?

I'm working on a company website that allows users to have their own homepage under the same domain. The URL would look similar to We have each user's content saved i...

interrogate the Data in Lync 2010?

I developed a seat plan website - it uses the Lync SDK to pull back user details - (i.e. when a name is clicked on the map it passes the name into the Search box and then lists the person in the re...

Getting the userID of a logged in User in ASP.NET

How can I get the exact ID of a user that is logged into a site?

Timer Tick in

whats is the equivalent of these in asp?

Getting error with dots in the url

I have a routed page with url like

Problem creating objects, class could not be found

In my bllLanguage.cs class I am not able to create dalLanguage class's objects and vice versa. It says dalLanguage.cs/bllLanguage.cs could not be found.

DataBound DropDownList in DataGrid - order of binding

I have a DataGrid that looks like this (slightly simplified here):

Why would DropDownList.Text is return 0 when it is clearly an empty string?

I have a drop down list that I am binding to a record that clearly sets value=0, text=''

Getting Menu Items from database in

I'm trying to get the menu items from the SQL Server 2008 database.

What could go wrong if I convert ANSI encoded files to UTF-8?

I have an existing ASP.NET 2.0 website, stored in Team Foundation Server 2005. Some of the pages/controls are encoded as ANSI (according to Notepad++) and the Content-Type header is set to:

jQuery Script caching on localhost

I have an ASP.NET 3.5 web application written in VS 2010. I have an aspx with a script reference to a .js file that resides in a Scripts folder.

Cannot access my web server

I just subscribed for shared hosting plan on ASPHOSTCENTRAL. I changed my Domain settings and pointed to the name servers as they said(10hrs ago). Since then I've been trying to access my website's

i want to remove ViewState entry from page without using MVC pattern

I want to remove viewstate from page completely without using MVC pattern.

Use TypeScript in ASP.NET MVC

How to effectively use TypeScript with ASP.NET MVC?

How do you handle attaching JavaScript to UserControls in ASP.NET and keep multiple instance isolated?

Lets say you need to attach some JavaScript functionality to an ASP.NET User Control of which there might be multiple instances on any given page. Because JavaScript has shared global state, what

regarding http compression with gzip or deflate in page

actually i don't know anything about http compression. i search google and got many code to implement http compression for web site. i just need to know what is the advantage of using http

Tab to move vertical instead of horizontal in Form

We have around 100 dropdowns in one form. When we hit tab it takes to the next dropdown to the right. Instead I want it to the dropdown below.

Creating tweet with Twitterizer raises WebException 401

I am using Twitterizer, and am trying to get my ASP.Net app to upload reported traffic incidents to the official Twitter account.

Get the Session info from Request.GetResponse()

I have an aplication that loads many pages and in every loop I need to take some information from the Sesion of the loaded page.

.NET (web) How to execute some code after all events are handled?

I have this .NET web app that draws a table in Page_Load.