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wxWidgets Commandline / GUI Hybrid Application Fails to Get Dialog Input

I have a command-line application written in C++ and built with gcc/make that runs on MacOS. This application does not have its own GUI and it not supposed to have any root windows -- it's a conso...

Symfony 2: LiipDoctrineCacheBundle not found in AppKernel

I've installed this bundle LiipDoctrineCacheBundle in vendor\bundles\ folder of my website.

how do you pass images (bitmaps) between android activities using bundles?

Suppose I have an activity to select an image from the gallery, and retrieve it as a BitMap, just like the example: here

“Could not find bootstrap-sass- in any of the sources” on Heroku push

I am trying to deploy to Heroku (rails 3 app) and keep getting this error:

Symfony2 installing FOSUserBundle issue

I want to install FOSUserBundle in symfony2 but when I tell the composer to download the bundle nothing happens.

Eclipse plugin won't go from RESOLVED to ACTIVE

I have a Eclipse plugin Bundle I've created which won't go from the RESOLVED state to ACTIVE.

Errno::EACCES: Permission denied when installing gems via gitlab

I'm trying to setup gitlab and thus install some gems from another user account using sudo,

Pass data between fragments

I want to transfer the user ID from the main Activity to a fragment.

bundle install causes validation error after moving file

In my gem development directory, I moved the file lib/project/module.rb to lib/project/helpers/module.rb and then did

Advance concepts of Symfony2, that should I learn before start my bundles?

I have 1+ year experience in symfony2,now I want to make my own base bundles to start my all new projects with these bundles,so my questions are ...

Xcode - Save sqlite3 database in Library folder

I'm developing a app that use a Sqlite3 database. For now the db is inside app package, but I know that I'll have problems to update the data when I test in real world, with a real iPhone.

Using iPOJO API shows “ Cannot create a POJO instance, the POJO constructor cannot be found”

iPOJO API seems complicated to deal with, especially when embedding OSGI framework. After getting done with the class loader issues by keeping the API coding lines in an OSGI bundle, I am here havi...

Change bundle directory structure possible?

Is this possible to change bundle structure in Symfony 2, for example:

Error with dependencies with middleman and Gemfile

I am very new to ruby, but I want to compile a project that is done with middleman.

Felix how to use FrameworkWiring.getDependencyClosure

I am trying to get depends for each bundle.

Android Studio - Support package

Android Studio does not provide me all methods of the "Bundle"-class.

Use Doctrine in Service

I need to use doctrine inside my service.

Passing Object over activities using putSerializable

I'm trying to pass my dbhelper instance from one activity to another using this code

Symfony2 - Is an AdminBundle actually the correct way to organise the app?

I'm new to Symfony and am starting an app which includes an admin section. The general advice is pretty obvious - make an AdminBundle.

ROR - Bundle install Error

This is the error message i got when i ran $ bundle install

Package library in the final exec file

I'm developping with visual studio 2008 and I use several project library used by several application project. There is also external dependency.

Extend Crud Generator on Symfony2

I know how to extends or override the crud generator views, creating the files like documendation says:

How do you create a .bundle to store images?

Actually, I’ve read somewhere that keeping images as bundle would be the proper way to prevent it from being copied from .ipa file. So, I would like to know how to make bundles for images. Please h...

intent bundle variables not being passed between activities

in mActivity.this I set up an intent and a bundle

What is the resource size limit for iPhone native apps?

I have created iphone application to play some video files. I kept all the video files in application bundle. I want to know that what is the upper limit of resource size that we can put on resourc...

Can i get TeamCity to do what web essentials does? Less files and Bundles?

I am trying to get TeamCity to build less files and generate my bundles.

Bundling all js files in a single bundle and same with css files

I understand that one of the advantages of bundling is reducing the number of requests to server. So Why not bundle all js files into one, and all cs files into one? Are there any disadvantages to ...

Bundle behaviour differs inside ios simulator and actual device

At the moment I'm trying to manage a large number of images by putting them in a folder and naming the folder [something].bundle, and dragging these into XCode.

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