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Draw UIImage From CIImage In drawRect:

I'm learning about drawing UIImages and CGImages, using CIFilters etc. To test my knowledge I made a small test app with sliders that programmatically change the color of a potion sprite and displa...

Using Custom View Controllers to manage different portions of the same view hierarchy

The View controller programming guide states this regarding view controller's usage:

Is there a way to change sectioned tableview to drilldown tableview?

I have a sectioned tableview with a plist wich is an array filled with dictionaries.

iOS: Determine if photo in photo album is from camera

I am trying to have my application determine if a photo in photoalbum is from camera.

How to add activity indicator to navbar?

Hey, I want to display an activity indicator on the right corner of my navbar when my user changes selection in picker wheel. I have no idea how to add activity indicator there I am only able to add

Help needed for s7graphview

If anyone have used s7graphview for plotting the graph then I want to know where to do changes in the code for maintaining the incremental value of the values that is been plot on the x-axis. Curre...

Moving a ball randomly

I am trying to move a ball across the screen with random coordinates . but my object moves just around x axis ! here is my code :

How to get a padding inside TableView?

I have a TableView with a dark transparent

Inserting and deleting UITableViewCell at the same time not working

I'm having quite a bit of pain inserting and deleting UITableViewCells from the same UITableView!

iphone: why my in-app purchase product array object index set automatically in alphabetical order

I am working on in-app purchase task in app I done all work currently but I need one help that my product array display in UITableview with sorting in alphabetical but I need display as same a my

What is the void* returned from CGBitmapContextGetData?

I'm trying to get the pixel information from an image and have got to the point where I have my void* data object which is a pointer to the image data.

NSInternalInconsistencyException while loading custom view

2011-12-01 10:30:37.211 basicViewBased[496:207] *** Terminating app due to uncaught exception 'NSInternalInconsistencyException', reason: '-[UIViewController _loadViewFromNibNamed:bundle:] loaded the

Multiple rounded-corner rows per UITableView section

I know that if I create a UITableView with grouped sections and one row per section, then I will get each row with rounded corners, but I need more than one row per section, with each row still hav...

Draw Target Image with Cocoa Touch

With Cocoa Touch in Objective-C, I'm looking for the optimal way to draw a target image, (i.e. circles within circles, simple enough), and then have the user's touch recorded on the image, (potenti...

Best way to display a game score on iPhone with cocos2d?

I am looking to persistently display a game score in an iPhone app using cocos2d. Going off the code that cocos2d shows the FPS the app is running at:

Using UIWebView to load web images?

Is is possible to download images inside the UIWebView and load it into a UIImage? I would like to allow the user to grab an email from a web site and load it into my app. I guess the manual way ri...

How to reset the scroll position of a UITableView?

I would like to completely reset the scroll position of a UITableView, so that every time I open it, it is displaying the top-most items. In other words, I would like to scroll the table view to th...

Algorithm: array of arrays in Cocoa Touch (perhaps using NSCountedSet)

This one is a bit tedious in as far as explaining, so here goes. I'm essentially populating a tableView on the iPhone with multiple sections, and potentially multiple rows per section. To my

Drawing a custom button

I am drawing a custom button:

Best way to re-use a UITableView with dynamic data?

My application has a series of table views based on some hierarchical data. For example, the user selects "Browse by XYZ" on my CategoryListController, and then I load my DocumentListController bas...

How to post images on facebook wall on a single button click from an iPhone app

I am making an iPhone app where in the user wants that the selected image should be posted on facebook wall on a single button click.

Creating an array from a text file read from a URL

I am reading a text file from a URL and want to parse the contents of the file into an array. Below is a snippet of the code I am using. I want to be able to place each line of the text into the ...

Sound not working in iPhone Simulator?

Somehow my iPhone Simulator is unable to play sounds. First an app I'm working on using AudioServicesPlaySystemSound() stopped working.. I spent a while debugging this but sound is still working o...

Passing object/NSData between iOS devices

I'm creating a game, turn based, and I was thinking of using Game Center to handle it, but the passed game-object is evidently max 64kb. Is there another way to pass objects between devices for thi...

How to parse a string for newline characters and backslash in iPhone app?

I am making an app where there is a requirement to store ASCII art into database.

iPhone ScrollView zoom problems

I'm new to iPhone dev and Obj-C and I have several problems with ScrollView/ImageView while getting close to deadline. I used IB to create interface so I access most parameters via builder.

UIView draw shadow beyond view's frame

I have a requirement where I have to draw a view's shadow beyond the view's frame. We already have complex view hierarchy / layering and it would not be possible now to change the view's frames and

Threadsafe UITableView

I'm using a UITableView to show some data from an array. This array can be changed at any time by other threads. (I believe that whether the array is mutable, or just replaced entirely, doesn't mak...

Generating iPhone Camera Roll Thumbnails

My iPhone application needs to save an image in the Camera Roll. I need to generate the .THM file because otherwise the photo is not recognized by the iPhone. Are there any Objective-C API to do...

Are Facebook and Path using an open source library for their root navigation UI?

The latest update to Path includes a root navigation UI that is strikingly similar to the one Facebook included in v4 of their app a few months ago. Is there an open source version of this implemen...

Difference between and [UIImage imageWithData…]?

I want to load some images into my application from the file system. There's 2 easy ways to do this:

Not able to resize UITableView programatically - IOS

I have added UITableView to a view, I want my application to work fine for both iPod 5th generation and lower versions(which is smaller in size), So I resized the table view height to its view height

UITableView multiple section with multiple dictionaries

I am trying to work out on this scenario and just curious if it's possible to have multiple sections in one UITableView with with multiple NSDictionary contents? I have been trying to figure this a...

Setting the height of the UINavigationBar

I have set a UINavigationBar background image to an image with a height of 68px as opposed to the default 44px. Now the image is shown fine, but the content in the UINavigationController is overlap...

Styling iPhone Flippable Preferences to look like System Settings

When an iPhone application manages its own preferences, rather than using a bundle, it seems to be common practice to style that view to mimic the System Preferences app: fields are grouped by light

Best way to load an application like it was in its previous state when it was terminated

I would like to learn the best practices in reloading the application state, such that when my app is started, it should automatically load the "correct" view/subview when it is opened again.

How can I remove a UIView with rounded corners from its parent view?

I'm creating an iPad app for 3.2 and later. My app has an overlay view which has a semi-transparency that makes everything below it darker. In the middle of this view I am chopping a hole in this

Fade in async loaded images in iOS

I'm trying to find a way to asynchronously load an image and then instead of having the images "just appear" in a UIImageView, have them fade in, similar to how it's done on the YouTube app on the ...

NSURLConnection and handling response code and response data

I have an odd edge case right now in that a response code from an NSURLConnection delegate method:

How to detect from an iPhone app whether iPhone battery is in charging or not?

In my iPhone app, there is a requirement to know whether the iphone is charging or not?

How do I save additional content into my UIManagedDocument file packages?

I'm having a lot of trouble deciphering Apple's documentation around UIManagedDocument, specifically the following methods:

UIView bounds with top bar

When creating a UIView with a navigation bar in interface builder, the top bar takes some space, but the view still has the same size. This mean that the bottom of the view is not visible.

Display title for view in back button but not in navigation bar

I would like to set the title of my view to "Main Menu", however, I do not want the title to appear in the navigation toolbar. The reason I want to set the title is so the back button has the title

gamekit over the internet

the gamekit over wifi documentation talks about local wifi and that it's built on top of bonjour.

UITableView (not using Navigation Template) getting specific data from plist

I'm using the example on page 210 of Beginning iPhone Development (Exploring the iPhone SDK) book and it's similar to what I want to do but that specific example is complicated by using sections in...

Polyphonic sound playback

I need audio playback with these features: good performance (for game), pitch control, and ability to layer the same sample multiple times at the same time (polyphony). What would be a quick way to...

How can I change the background color of a UITableViewCell dynamically?

I have a variable that is going to keep track of how many cells need to be colored. So if that variable is 3, then the top three cells backgroundcolor will change. How can I do this?

MPMoviePlayer done button Clicked Change The UIView Height

I am using a MPMoviePlayer to display a video. I go into full screen and when the done button is clicked I want it to remove of the entire movie player from my view.

Why can't I write Dictionary to plist?

Hey All,I got a weird problem here

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