Questions for connection-pooling


what datasource to use intead of jboss one's?

we are removing jboss from spring-based application and considering what a datasource to use instead of jboss's one for oracle. We used such properties (in oracle-ds.xml) as

Avoid connection timeout when using multiple threads and connection pool

I'm splitting up a readonly database operation into multiple chunks, (Each of which reads a subset of a very large amount of data, analyzes it and writes the results to a disk file).

Does BoneCP (or any other pool) close connection's statements when connection is returned to pool?

Does BoneCP (or any other pool) close connection's statements when connection is returned to pool? As I understand, it does not call actual connection's close method, so there is no automatic state...

DBCP Datasource pooling?

I am implementing Apache DBCP connection to improve efficiency of my program that executes multiple queries.

Is the connection Pool configuration kept outside JPA Context?

Hello i am extracting the connection object from the EclipseLink context by calling: Connection con = entityManager.unwrap(Connection.class);

how to set Oracle connection pool size?

We have been getting this Oracle connection pool exception a lot recently for our ASP.NET website. This is the detailed exception message:

Connection pool opens more connections then maximum pool size

Hey I'm using Glassfish open source v4 and I'm having a weird problem.

Setup Connection pooling in jsp/servlets application based on MVC?

I want to use Connection pooling in my java web application with MySQL and JDBC, I found a very resource to learn at Apache Tomcat 6.0 (6.0.35) - JNDI Datasource HOW-TO,

Basics - Troubleshooting Hibernate / JDBC Connection Pool Issue

What is Hibernate's responsibility in regards to database connections it gets from an underlying connection pool. Does it test to see if a connection is closed before it uses it? and if so get anot...

Firedac fetches oudated values within a few seconds after update

I'm currently maintaining a Client / Server (over TCP) system. The server can be accessed by multiple clients (few dozens at most) so i set up a connection pooling like FireDAC allow us to do.

Execution Time Slower with each Iteration of the same SPROC

Running the same Stored Procedure from C# .Net application over a network gets progressively slower with each subsequent execution. It appears to take twice the amount of time as the previous execu...

How to remove invalid database connection from pool

I am using connection pooling of tomcat with oracle database. It is working fine, but when i use my application after a long time it is giving error that "connection reset". I am getting this error

hibernate connection pool

I can't seem to get hibernate to use c3p0 for connection pooling, it says

JDBC Connection.isValid() for single threaded permanent connection?

I am writing an application in which one thread will have a permanent connection to a MySQL database using JDBC, and no other thread will ever use this connection.

Why we need a connection pooling for JDBC?

What are the benefits of using a JDBC connection pooling tool like DBCP or c3p0 ? in case of a small CRUD application with one user, can we just create one connection session as a singleton ? P...

MQTT (Mosquitto) Connection pool?

What would you suggest for Mosquitto connection pooling in Java? We are wasting (blocking) too much time on establishing each connection, so we think some kind of reuse would be better.

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