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Best form for constructors? Pass by value or reference?

I'm wondering the best form for my constructors. Here is some sample code:

Default vs. Implicit constructor in C++

This is very trivial, but Czech language (my native) doesn't distinguish between implicit and default, so I am confused by some Czech translations what is the difference between implicit and default

VB.NET - Provide predefined creation settings in a class

I'm writing a theming class called FormTheme for a VB.NET form application. It contains colour scheme information that can be applied at runtime to form controls. Currently there are three ways to

Why initializing data at global scope by passing it to some function is not possible?

I've been wondering for a while why initializing any data by passing it to some function is not permitted despite the fact that constructors that are a kind of function anyway can be called at global

Undefined reference to a derived class

EDIT: RELATED TO c++ undefined reference to `vtable

Call constructor from constructor in C++

As a C# developer I'm used to run through constructors:

C++ trouble setting enum field in structure constructor

I'm trying to set an enum in a structure constructor but I can't quite get the syntax correct. Are there any suggestions? This is what I have but I keep getting errors.

Calling constructor from another constructor?

I created three classes: Shape (base class) , Rectangle and Square. I tried to call Shape's constructor from Rectangle's and Square's constructors, but the compiler shows errors.

How do I pass along variable in a custom control?

I've created a custom control in C# in VSE, and it appears on the list on the left. But I want to pass along a reference to my main form, and I'm currently doing so in the constructor. And then I've

Strange behavior in C++ constructor\destructor

I was playing with C++ class constructor function by using it recursively to print "trauth table". Everything was seem to be normal until I decided "why not using destructor too recursively?". When I

Suppress output from base class constructor

I have a series of classes that tells the debug stream (std::cout in this case) that it has been created, allowing me to follow the program execution nicely. I have several classes that are subclas...

C++ Why do vector initialization calls the copy constructor

When you initialize a vector in the following way:

Can you invoke an instantiated object's class constructor explicity in C++?

After creating a instance of a class, can we invoke the constructor explicitly?

Object Pointer Status After New Constructor Throws Exception - C++

What is going to be the status of an object pointer when a new class constructor throws an exception in C++? Take the following code for example:

Instantiate an object of one class in the constructor of another class C++?

I'm writting a basic game in C++ which features 3 classes: Game class, Character class and Item class.

virtual methods and constructors?

I have chicken<->egg problem.

PHP: Calling a user-defined function inside constructor?

I have a class userAuth inside its constructor I have added code to check the user is valid or not, if there is no value in session then I check cookies (as a part of "Remember Me" feature), if the...

Why does my object not have a constructor?

I am writing a few helper classes for scripting Adobe Illustrator.

How can I pass a class name as an argument to an object factory in cocoa?

I am working on an object factory to keep track of a small collection of objects. The objects can be of different types, but they will all respond to createInstance and reset. The objects can not be

PHP abstract class constructor not working

I wish to access some of my variables in a way like this:

c++ undefined reference to `vtable

My question has changed from the other one I have posted. I started out with multiple files and decided to put it all in one main.cpp file for now just to get it working.

How to override constructor of Python class with many arguments?

Say, I have a class Foo, extending class Bar. And I want to slightly override Foo's consructor. And I don't want even know what signarure of Bar's constructors is. Is there a way to do this?

DDD + Public Parameterless Constructors - Should They Exist?

One of the tenants of DDD is to not allow your objects to enter an invalid state. To me this means there shouldn't be a public parameterless constructor because that's going to be an object in an i...

Passing arguments to a constructor, alternative syntax

While learning Java's basics, I remember coming across a particular syntax for passing arguments to a class constructor. I found this syntax extra read-able, but I'm sadly not able to find it anymo...

How do I put an object in a node if the object has no default constructor and I am not allowed to create one inside its class definition?

I'd like to point out right away that I have already searched the site and haven't found a similar problem.

Error #1203: No default constructor

i'm having a hard time understanding custom events and I keep getting this same error:

How come I can't add an object to my list in c#?

The following results in a NullReferenceException. It tells me that the "drawObjs.Add(drawObj);" - Object reference not set to an instance of an object. I don't understand why this is not set to an

Templated conversion operator in a template class with default constructor?

I want a templated class with a templated conversion operator and a default constructor, but my initial attempt isn't working.

why can't I create an instance of MyVector ?

Given the following code , from some reason it won't create an instance of MyVector . What might be the problem ? The problem occurs in the line of Main :

C++ Constructor coding errors

I just stumbled across this bug in some legacy code:

Do you use TestInitialize or the test class constructor to prepare each test? and why?

This question regards unit testing in Visual Studio using MSTest (this is important, because of MSTest's execution order). Both the method marked [TestInitialize] and the test class constructor wil...

Python call constructor in a member function

Let's take for example this class, which is extending MySQLDB's connection object.

How can I pass all parameters (one by one) in an object to a constructor in AS3?

This is a hard question to do, but I'll try to explain.

Calling base constructor after InitializeComponent

I'm developing an application which has many panels, all derived from a BasePanel user control.

Parameter checking in constructor

Suppose I have a constructor for an object that takes about 6 parameters, but two or more of the parameters are related, for example:

Initializing a union with a non-trivial constructor

I have a structure which I create a custom constructor to initialize the members to 0's. I've seen in older compilers that when in release mode, without doing a memset to 0, the values are not

How can I force the base constructor to be called in C#?

I have a BasePage class which all other pages derive from:

Calling Overriden Constructor and Base Constructor in C#

I have two classes, Foo and Bar, that have constructors like this:

Constructor: is it the right one being called?

In your opinion, which constructor will be called?

How can I call the constructor?

I dynamically create instances of my objects in the custom linq provider I am building using this call:

Building an object

I came across a rather unusual way to build an object of a class in this blog :

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