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Working with Git under Typo3

I work with several developers on websites using Typo3 CMS at the same time and I was thinking of using Git so that we could all work together without overwriting each others work, but I've run int...

ExpressionEngine: Conditionally display custom fields in a channel entry form

I'm building a blog site in ExpressionEngine. I have two types of entries that I want to keep in the same channel. When a certain category is selected i'd like to show additional fields.

Blank index.html in CMS softwares instead of .htaccess

I noticed Joomla, Wordpress and other CMSs have blank index.html files in ALL their sub folders to prevent people from peeking into the folder structure. My question is why can't they forbid folder

Cross User-Base on multiple CMS installations

Will, I'm just going to open this again and again if you are going to close it. It is a very practical question asked ALL over the internet with mundane answers. If you don't understand what the we...

Massively multi-tenant programmable CMS?

I have the need for a massively multi-tenant CMS that allows customizability per site and per user.

What is the easiest way for an end user to update an image slider?

I am working currently on a website for a client who knows nothing about web development. I want to include an image slider using jQuery (required), which the client will update periodically depend...

Silverstripe page template save to database issues

Been having a few issues with some tab fields that I've added not saving data placed in them. I know it has somehting to do with the $db array but I can't get it to work without error when I try

In Drupal, how can I create a front page with a set of menus as the content?

This website appears to be using Drupal, and I like the menu system on the front page, but can't work out how it's been done.

How can i override the default magento cms homepage entry with a custom module?

I am currently attempting to use a custom module as the first page when you hit the magento installation, i currently have {{block type="namespace_module/block" template"path/to/template.phtml"}} l...

PHP CMS components

I am exploring how CMS's in PHP work. I am talking about full-powered, fully developed CMS's like Drupal, Wordpress, and Joomla. What are the main components and systems that are incorporated into

How could a cms application split content over multiple pages?

I have an idea for a website that involves content being split over multiple pages. Similar to this:

Alfresco + Opsoro Setup

I want to set up a content mgmt system. And i feel the combination of Alfresco with Opsoro is a gud one. Any other suggestions?

Way to detect the domain through PHP

I'm using SimpleCMS to allow the client to make simple textual changes to their website; however, I'm having some issues here as part of the website is password protected through setting a PHP $_SE...

Best Django 'CMS' component for integration into existing site

So I have a relatively large (enough code that it would be easier to write this CMS component from scratch than to rewrite the app to fit into a CMS) webapp that I want to add basic Page/Menu/Media

Python CMS for my own website?

I'm an accomplished web and database developer, and I'm interested in redesigning my own website.

Roll my own or use existing CMS (Drupal perhaps?)

I need to create a internal website and can't figure out if we should be writing our own, or using an existing framework.

Split testing transactional emails

I'm trying to figure out a solution to manage our transaction emails (such as the welcome email, you've got a bid, etc...)

Drupal: can its functions be customized?

I've tried searching the Internet for this but I have not found an exact answer. I've seen that Drupal can use modules and its admin page can be customized, but does its functions can be customized...

What does “Nuke” in DotNetNuke mean?

A co-worker asked me how the word "Nuke" relates to CMS? To be honest I never thought about it, and there wasn't any information on the web that I could find.

create static html pages dynamically cos of SEO

I am trying how to create static html pages dynamically.

What separates a content management system from just a bunch of web pages?

I have a website that has related pages. They have links that point back and forth to one another but I have no integrated system, nor do I know what that would mean.

How to do a PHP hook system?

How do you impliment a hook system in a PHP application to change the code before or after it executes. How would the basic architecture of a hookloader class be for a PHP CMS (or even a simple

What is the right approach in Storing content images in TFS or share folder for usage in multiple websites?

We have to store lot of images with nested folder structure levels which is shared by many ASP.NET websites.What is the right approach? Should i Store content images in TFS or share folder? We also...

Reset the 'Custom Forms' Content Type in Orchard CMS having issues

I have mixed up the Content Type Custom Forms default settings. And it seems not usable anymore after some tweaks and settings.
6131 CMS solution: best mechanism for storing the data in SQL

I've worked on a number of CMS systems using the .NET platform (the CMS management system is in ASP.NET, and the site which renders the content is both ASP.NET and PHP).

Spring MVC vs ASP.NET (MVC?)

I have to work to develop a management from a clothing company.

How do I choose a CMS/Portal solution for a small website(s)?

I currently maintain 3 websites all revolving around the same concept. 2 of them are WinForms applications where the website gives a few basic details, and download links. The third is a web applic...

Best web hosting/CMS for my non-technical friend

I have a friend who knows nothing about programming or design who runs a small business. She has an ancient web site built in 1997 that has slowly been modified over the years using MS Word until i...

Opensource CMS that allows defining editable regions

I'm looking for an opensource lightweight CMS for those situations where you would like to be able to set up a web site with some editable content regions, but don’t want to have to install a full-...

Store function name in database and then execute it

I am making a kind of CMS system that works in sections of the webpage, and stores each one as a different entry into a table on a database with MySQL. When the user first sets up the page, the PHP

Odd behavior with sc:link

I have the following code in a rendering, running on multiple environments:

Views in Drupal: ignore arguments

In Drupal I am working with a view that takes a couple of arguments; the nid argument is just passes along to the next page, but the other three arguments it uses to retrieve content. The problem s...

HTML editor for simple HTML page

I created a simple HTML page , now i want create Online HTML editor (WYSIWYG) for this page .

Which is the easier CMS to integrate with CakePHP?

I was trying develop a website with Cakephp and Joomla... But lately I've been founding a lot of barriers that create difficulties implementing things that would have been a lot easier if I only

Display subcategories on each category page wordpress

I created this categories structure in my wordpress:

Can I improve my module-skin architecture somehow?

I'm designing a CMS for a private project that should make the editing of the website simple. It supports modularism. However, it's still in beta, and I'm now asking if you can see something I could

Which symfony-based CMS is the most extensible?

I'm looking for a symfony-based CMS, and I have heard about Diem and Apostrophe, but none of them offers all of the features I am searching for.

Data modeling for multilingual content in a CMS?

Is there a generally accepted solution for storing multilingual content in a database? The company I used to work for had me build a proprietary CMS and they wanted the possibility to support langu...

Trying to fix multiple category drop down

I'm having some problems trying to fix my category drop down on the website i'm developing. Basically one drop down filters has "Sort by Location" and the second one is "Sort by Price" The first on...

what is type and aspect in alfresco?

Right now am started working with alfresco. But am not clear about what is type and whats aspect?. please give in detail with example.

Magento: CMS block title not changing in multi language

I have (for ex:) the footer box (cms block) like this:

Content elements for wordpress

I'm looking for a plugin (or better yet, not a plugin) for wordpress that lets me generate standard content elements, or includes for posts and pages.

Is this method of programming recommended?

So a local counsil asked me to under go a project for them. They want every website in their area to have their websites completely revamped and they want it content managable. Long story short, the

List custom categories

I want to display custom categories with their sub-categories in a nested list.

can someone pls help me to find out opensource drupal themes which has user login options and file upload

i have browsed through a few themes but culdnt find any.can someone pls help to find out drupal themes which has user login options , am trying to build a site where users can have their own accoun...

Wordpress: Accessing templates stored inside a subfolder in the themes folder

I'm currently using the twentyfifteen theme to create my application. Now, inside the twentyfifteen themes folder, I have another folder called tuto, inside which is a template that I want to use, ...

Data model for a small CMS system

I have always wanted to make a small easy to use CMS system just for personal use and training.

How to format dates in Jahia 6 CMS?

I am helping a friend of mine put up a site for his business. I’ve read different posts and sites trying to find the ideal CMS tool, but people have different views of what is the best, so I finall...

Family Website CMS

I am looking for a CMS that would be incredibly user-friendly and would have the following features:

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