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Give CSS :after content a class

I'm just wondering if it is possible to assign a CSS class to the content added by an :after pseudoelement. Something like this:

HTML/CSS/.NET Overflow only one line of table

I will try to be brief/detailed about what i am trying to do here.

Implementing Themes for web application

I'm building a web application and I would like to have different color themes that user can select.

How to create a QT plugin that customizes UI?

We would want the users to be able to optionally customize our QT applications. So if they would want to create their own theme for our applications, all they have to do is load their own CSS file....

Stop hyperlink inheriting div's width?

Hi I have some hyperlinks inside a div with display:block. Problem is that the hyperlinks length when clicked is equal to the div's width. How do I make the hyperlink's clicked length equal to the...

Two column article with CSS

I would like to have a single in post in two columns automaticly (not with 2 divs) like in a newspaper article. Is there any way to achive this?

Changing the stylesheet of a nested page at runtime

First off, I apologize if this doesn't make sense. I'm new to XHTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Grid view at center of page in jquery mobile

I am new to JqueryMobile. I have a screen containing a 3*3 grid of images. I need to align them at the center of the page as well as there shouldn't be any space between them except 1px. Each cell ...

center vertical without knowing the height of the container

Is it possible to center vertical without knowing the height of the container?

Pure HTML/CSS menu with horizontal submenu. How keep parent 'a' background color?

I am building a pure HTML/CSS menu with a horizontal submenu.

i want to design these 2 boxes using css?

i want to create this effect using css, can you see the big box with the title and the blog post, and little box with the date on it and the number of comments on it. its been puzzling me, an exa...

IE8 disabled element text rendering differences

Below is a super zoomed in image of a disabled <select> element (top), and a disabled <textarea> element with it's text highlighted for more emphasis on the issue (bottom), both being

jQuery UI slider: how to inline it?

I'm trying to display several sliders with labels on the same line, eg:

Split text in 2 columns not working

I'd like my text to be split into 2 columns like in a newspaper, but for some reason it is not working. Would you know why? Thanks

opacity in a speech bubble in css

I'm using to do a speech bubble, I want the inside of the bubble and the triangle to have a background with an opacity of 0.7.

CSS Vertical Alignment of SPAN

I can't seem to vertically align the spans in my real basic code.

CSS how to align group of elements horizontally?

I'm having trouble aligning a paragraph element with a group of button elements. I'm using jQuery and CSS to try and do this.

Css float next to HR-Line

I want a Text with an vertical line below it, right to this constellation i want a floating div. I dont want to set fixed widths. What i tried is this:

html/css buttons that scroll down to different div sections on a webpage

Can someone help me I'm searching for css/html code example:

Best way to select items with CSS

I have read all about the best order of selectors in CSS but I often (all the time) see people doing this....

Jquery toggle .. fixing alighnment

Hello people i have this script

Can't properly set vertical-align

My problem: want to div content be in the middle of parent div.

jquery mobile listview refresh same list lose style

I'm trying to update the content of a ul list passing from a list to another one.

How can I fix this layout built with twitter bootstrap

I'm working on a sample form layout with twitter bootstrap. The form lists the fields in horizontal order and in between the fields I have a link. When this link is clicked I would like to show some

UTF-8 character with font-weight property

font-weight property doesn't work for lower than 300 value and Unicode font.

Animate one Div when the mouse hovers over another

I'm looking to animate one div when the mouse hovers over another div tag elsewhere on the page. As an example...

How to use CSS to increase the contrast on visited hyperlinks?

I am using a browser custom-CSS for changing the color visited hyperlinks to magenta, just to be able to see what I clicked or not.

Last menu item in CSS menu falling to next line

Thank you for taking the time to look at my question.

ASP.NET sites, hiring external design firms and standards

Hey. We're building a large ASP.NET website, and have hired an external firm to do the design (CSS + protoype pages). In fitting the design to the page, we've found a number of problems that indicate

CSS let input consume available width

I have the following markup as a base:

Changing the property of outer DIV while hovering over inner <a> Element

I am trying to make a button in a purely CSS way (I am trying to avoid javascript as much as possible)

Allow user to change layout of web page

I have a web page that allows users to insert form input objects with a label. When they add a new object I automatically add it to a 2 column table, the left column is the label and the right is ...

HTML/JavaScript tabs graceful degrade

Trying to find a good solution for tabbed based navigation on a website that I'm building. Currently I'm using jquery ui tabs but don't like the default behavior when it degrades with JavaScript tu...

Css menu becomes transparent over javascript

I'm trying to implement a css menu in a website, and have run into a problem.

Making multiple gradients using Less CSS

This is the first project I've used Less on, I want to make a series of buttons that have the same general structure but have different gradiated colours applied to them.

How can you change how pictures load on webpages? (e.g. lower resolution)

how can I change the way an image loads on a web page? I presume using javascript to do this. I'm looking for a way to have the picture load at a lower resolution and then get "sharper". As appose to

CSS loaded dynamically via javascript but not applied

I have a javascript file that load a content via AJAX and apply the appropriate style by loading the corresponding CSS file:

Different font sizes on website

My website has a menu named Font Size. Basically its an option for user to change font size of website like:

Text indent defines different div size in chrome and firefox

I have this small piece here - the text has text-indent So it will not be seen and then only thing that should be seen is the span with the image (size 24*27).

Div width not fit with child contents

How to fit the div with its contents using bootstrap.

Is it possible to make divs behave like tables in IE6 using only CSS and HTML?

Is it possible to make divs behave like tables in IE6 using only CSS and HTML?

Find first element in div that has margin? (purpose: remove margin)

I need to find the first (and last) element in a div that has a CSS margin set (> 0 px). (important: this is not necessarily the first or last element!)

Font Size Refuses To Change on iPhone Email

I've spent about 4 hours on this HTML email template and no matter what I change the font refuses to increase on the iphone.

how to create a fixed floating button on top right of textarea

I want to write something like the following:

jqMath: How to colorize fractions inside jqMath tables

In writing math using jqMath, I have the need to highlight specific parts of math problems.

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