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Did P/Invoke environment change in .NET 4.0?

I've started upgrading a .NET 2.0 WinForms application to .NET 4.0. Well, OK, the upgrade process was just a matter of switching platform target, but making it actually work. I assumed that's all...

Delphi code to show friendly message if you don't have permission to do something that requires admin priveleges such as install a service

A customer is reporting an error from our application during installation which indicates that the code in 'IsWindowsAdministrator' below is returning FALSE when the installation is performed by a ...

Getting stuttering during rendering of my DirectShow filter despite output file being “smooth”

I have a DirectShow application written in Delphi 6 using the DSPACK component library. I have two filter graphs that cooperate with each other.

Programmatically specify which version of .NET to load

My application is a native, non-.NET application. However, at times it may need to invoke some .NET services through COM. Sometimes it needs to load a specific version of .NET to accomplish what it

Screen recorder

I'm interested in a library(for windows) written in Delphi/Pascal or C++ that allows me to record(to a video format) desktop screen, requirements:

Widestring to string conversion in Delphi 7

my app is a non-unicode app written in Delphi 7.

Need a component/library that allows me to export to PSD (Adobe Photoshop's)

Does anyone know of a library/component for Delphi that allows exporting graphics to a multilayer PSD?

How to make OpenDialog show modal in Firemonkey?

When I'm calling an OpenDialog from my form on ButtonClick event. The dialog does not shows as modal and is also displays in taskbar (in WindowsXP). I can return to main form and click Open again and

Reposition rectangle after zooming

I have a rectangle defined by R1:x1,y1-x2,y2 and after applying zoom, I get the

What is an efficient way of deleting a large block of items from the start of a TList in Delphi

Delete (0) from a TList is expensive because all the subsequent items need to be moved down. If I need to delete a large number of items from the start of an even larger list what's the fastest way?

Borland / Delphi alternative to __super keyword

Keyword __super is Microsoft specific. It is used to access virtual methods of parent class. Do you know alternative keywords for borland c++ / delphi compilers?

Installing component in dclusr.dpk breakes other components

First I've installed RX library 2.75 and some others.

TIdTCPServer reconnection for the same login user

My server build on TIdTCPServer should be capable for only one single connection for one user at the same time. I searched a lot but I can't find resolve.

Printing only in the final page with QuickReport

Here is another question of ancient programming languages, if anybody knows how to print a calculated value only in the last page with Delphi 7 and QuickReport?

Auto update a service

I have written several services in Delphi now, but I want to add the facility of auto updating the service either from a LAN unc path or from a http server. I have been pondering this and I am inte...

Call TObject.GetInterface free object

I'm trying of execute a code like this:

delphi: inaccessible value on var parameter

I have this example method below

'Exports' naming convention - how does it work?

What rules apply to the name that ends up in the exports section of an PE (Portable Executable)?

delphi assign to const?

this site :

what is the difference between opendialog and Tntopendialog (Delphi 7)

I have come across components TntOpenDialog , TntSaveDialog etc. What is the additional features provided by these components over standard Windows components? I could not find help about it , so any

How to insert xml prolog using SimpleStorage to generate gpx file?

I plan to adopt once and for all handy a tool for handling the creation of gpx files.

How to find and remove unused Delphi packages from a project

How to find and remove unused Delphi runtime packages from a project that uses packages?

The intersection of the straight line and the triangle sides

Required points are red. I draw this using delphi. with Image1.Canvas do begin Image1.Canvas.Pen.Color :=RGB(255,0,0); MoveTo(30,3); // 1 LineTo(260,10);// 1-2 LineTo(100,100);//2...

Delphi XE4 Indy compatibility issue between TBytes and TidBytes

Today I try to compile my XE3 project in XE4. First problem that I face is with Indy's FTCPClient.Socket.ReadBytes() method.

What to use to build an installer using Delphi 7?

(NOTE: Added 'important edit' below to basically re-ask this question in a different way)

Can I overload operators for my own classes in Delphi?

I faced a little trouble - I do not know if I can define my own operators for my classes.

How do I delete a TStringGrid row?

I have a TStringGrid, and I want to delete the selected row. Basic things I've tried only delete the last row. How do I delete an arbitrary row?

Delphi 2006 translate from/into French/Dutch/German with a single ansi codepage

I need to make some translations from/into the French/Dutch/German languages using Delphi 2006 (without any third party units/components).

Create a form within a new Desktop using CreateDesktop/SwitchDesktop

I need to create a system modal form for an utility that should block the entire windows until certain values are entered. So I'm experimenting with creating desktops and switching. So far, creatin...

How Import (merge) a reg file using delphi?

I have several .reg (Windows registry) files (generated by an external application) that need to merge into the windows registry. Now i'm using the ShellExecuteEx function to call the regedit.exe

E2010 Incompatible Types, why?

I'm getting this error:

Delphi 2010 - MSMQ and event log

Does anyone have a sample of how to use MSMQ in delphi 2010 to comunicate between 2 delphi applications? I also wanted to log an event on windows event log, but I dont know how to.

Default implementations of Abstract methods

I am dealing with a large codebase that has a lot of classes and a lot of abstract methods on these classes. I am interested in peoples opinions about what I should do in the following situation....

Is it safe to type-cast TArray<X> to array of X?

Today I discovered a compiler bug (QC#108577).

VertScrollBar.Visible always returns TRUE

I have a custom control derived from TScrollBox. At run time, I need to know weather the vertical scrollbar is visible or not. If I interrogate the Visible property it always returns true, no matte...

How can I convert unicode characters to ascii codes in delphi 7?

Yes we're talking about ASCII codes. My appologies I'm not the Delphi dev here.

How to make a remote procedure call (SOAP client)?

I have never used SOAP before. Now someone has given me a link to WSDL file and told me to develop an application that makes remote procedure calls to web services which are defined by the WSDL fil...

MS ACCESS Database Password - How secure?

I have a program written in Delphi 7, which uses a MS Access 2000 database as the backend.

Controlling Wordpad in Windows using messages

I am trying to find a reliable way to control windows Wordpad, which I successfully embedded in application as a child window.

Execute a command inside thread/timer only once but keep thread/timer running?

This is part of the code inside a thread (or it could be a timer, doesn't matter):

Why is CharInSet faster than Case statement?

I'm perplexed. At CodeRage today, Marco Cantu said that CharInSet was slow and I should try a Case statement instead. I did so in my parser and then checked with AQTime what the speedup was. I foun...

How does one escape characters in Delphi string

Delphi strings use single quotes, for example 'a valid string'. How does one specify the ' character within a literal string? How would one refer to the null byte (Unicode code point U+0000)?

LZMA Or 7zip in Delphi

Is there any Library in Delphi to handle LZMA (or 7zip)files including creating self extracting EXEs

Custom component redraw issue with Delphi

I have written a new custom component derived from TLabel. The component adds some custom drawing to component, but nothing else. When component is painted, everything works fine. But when the redr...

Strange AV while loading an icon from the resource stream

I'm adding icons to my project via Resources and Images dialog, and decided to walk away from TIcon.LoadFromResourceName because it does not perform any error checking. I wrote seemingly equivalent...

Is there any way to get RTTI hints for a real48 and shortstring variable in a structure where FieldType is nil in TRttiField?

I have discovered what I think is an odd oversight (probably intentional) on the part of the Extended RTTI feature in Delphi.

Delphi 2010 lock the menu at the top?

Every so often, I accidentally move the panels at the top of my IDE.

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