Questions for drupal-6


How to create a custom drupal cms from starting

Actually i need to know how and where the page content for each drupal page comes. So i tried to integrate my own custom theme to drupal. In the tutorial they are saying like i need to create a cus...

Drupal hook_menu_alter current node issues

I am developing a new module and in my hook_menu_alter() I need to detect the node currently being viewed.

what are the global constants and functions avaliable in drupal

I am new to drupal and i want to know the global constants and functions available in drupal like in Wordpress. It will be cool if there is functions like is_home or is_page, similar to wordpress,...

CCK field outputs the value inside static html

I have a content type that i need to populate a pre-typed contract text

How do I get the path of the current drupal theme?

The Drupal API has drupal_get_path($type, $name) which will give the path of any particular theme or module. What if I want the path of the current theme?

Can anyone point me to a reference for the Drupal $account->content array?

I've been digging around all morning and I can't find any reference that defines the account object.

Drupal: module update

I've module and I've update to alter database table, shortly I need to do something like

How to pass variable from form submit function to page callback function in Drupal 6

I have a Drupal form and a submit function that processes that form. I would like to pass data from the submit function to the page callback function that loads after the form was processed.

Drupal hook_menu_alter system error

Using the following code:

create a select list with all the values in it rather than 1 select list with 1 value

I am using drupal 6 and I trying to fill a select list with values but at this point I can only get it make 1 select list with 1 value for all the values in the field. I want all the values to be p...

Display nested field groups in a custom content type in Drupal

Is it possible to have nested groups in a custom content type in Drupal? I want to achieve the following in the 'Manage fields' page:

What is misconfigured when Drupal homepage works ok, but all links fail?

I have recently renamed the root folder of a development Drupal site from:

Drupal: do you use SVN for websites development?

Do you use Subversion while developing a website with drupal ?

Drupal 6 File Handling

I am handling file upload field in a form using Drupal 6 form APIs. The file field is marked as required.

custom page.tpl.php for a drupal view

How can I create a custom page.tpl.php for a specific view?

drupal menu_get_object error

I am using menu_get_object() in my module hook_nodeapi function. Due to that code I get the following error:

drupal-----add a field to the content type story

now, i want to add a dead time field(the style is 02-12-2010) to the content type story. how to do that, i used the hook_form_alter() and format_date(),but when i created a new article,and select the

how do you override a function that exists in another module

I would like to override the comment_save function. Is there a way to override it so I can add in my functionality?

Drupal FileField remove file from node but leave on Server

I have a cck FileField attached to a content type. When I remove a file from a node I want to remove the reference to the file but keep the file on the server. The reason for this is because we use...

How do I add an onchange handler to a dropdown list in Drupal?

How can I add an onchange handler to a dropdown list in Drupal? The dropdown list is added using hook_form(). I have to perform a function depending on the onchange function.

Sorting an array with stdClass Objects

I am attempting sort this array by each stdClass Object's [title] in an Ubercart order.tpl.php file. I have tried doing just a normal sort but since they all are stdClass Objects it doesn't do anyt...

Drupal Date api, dates are displayed as one day earlier than the date entered

i'm not sure what is going wrong, but I created a Date field, and though it has been working fine, on March 12, 2012 and beyond all dates entered are retrieved one day earlier. The fields in the node

Drupal 6: template.php redirections

I haven't worked to much within the template.php file in the Drupal installation, but this time I need to theme a node form. Following an excellent guide I found at, I...

Using the simpletest automator in Drupal 6

I've been trying to learn how to use simpletest, and I found the simpletest automator. I was able to install it and run it, but where is the file with the results of the 'macro' saved? I haven't ...

What is causing this nav bar to look different?

I am working on a Drupal 6 site that some CSS issues. I have used firebug to try and determine what is causing it, but I am at a loss.

Custom module form problems

I am struggling in my attempts to programmatically display a form to display in my node-page view area.

Drupal: module, cck or other

I have a legacy PHP form that I'm moving over to Drupal 6. I'm trying to make things easy for me as well as the future admins of the site. The below form is the heart of the old site data. So far i...

Drupal theme() problem

I am trying to display a custom page the same as my search results page by re-using the theme functions and pre-processors built into the search module.

Drupal 6 and YUI Editor 2.8, cannot get upload image working

Okay, I have installed WYSIWYG module to my Drupal 6 site. I also installed the YUI module v2.8.0r4

How to modify the drupal search templates?

I'm attempting to create my own templates for the search pages using drupal 6. When creating these template pages i usually use Drupal Template Suggests but for some reason when creating the files:

How to split the contents of $left which shows the navigation links in drupal

I was integrating a custom theme on to my project and i got stuck with this.The variable $left prints the navigation links on the sidebar.Actually when i print $left i get this auto-generated code ...

Getting addClass() to run after an Ajax call (within a Drupal views table)

I've got a table, created by Views. I'm adding a class with jQuery to some of the links, something like: