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Unable to create folder “classes” in WEB_INF folder in eclipse while building using ANT

I am using ANT to build a simple web application project named "HelloWebApp" in eclipse. But while using ANT to build the build.xml file I am getting the following error.

A short c++ file and makefile: I can make in the shell, but get lots of error while building it in the Eclipse

I'm compiling a very short c++ file using makefile.The c++ file using a external libary named ClanLib, but that's not the point, because I can use "make" command to compile it in the shell, so the...

Import eclipse project with other package name ? - Eclipse / Android

I have project in eclipse (done app). Now I want copy this project, but with other package name.

Google Maps API Android - Error inflating class fragment

I know that there are many topics on StackOverFlow regarding this problem, however none of them could help me.

handle OS specific .classpath file in a hg repo

I have a Java project in Eclipse and version-control is a mercurial repo.

java has not enouth space, how to increase it?

I need to run a very big task in eclipse. So I changed the eclipse.ini to:

Reflections library not working when used in an Eclipse plug-in

I have developed an application using the Reflections library for querying all the classes having a particular annotation. Everything was working like a charm until I decided to create an Eclipse p...

import existing project into eclipse using plugin or javacode

If we want to import an existing project, we do the following

Eclipse : No Graphical Layout for Android XML Files

This problem occurred all of a sudden in my Eclipse(which happens to be fully updated) but it seems that my Graphical Layout editor is gone for ever.

Developing a Java Eclipse project on both 32bit and 64bit Linux systems

I have a series of related projects that I've placed under Git control (all these projects are in the same workspace, which is the top-level of the Git repository) and cloned from my desktop (32bit...

Running p2.process.artifacts in Jenkins

I read the SO post Running P2 Ant tasks outside Eclipse, which was a great help. I am trying to call p2.process.artifacts, however I am not sure what arguments should I pass to java task call. What

Why can not find the index.jsp in the web project with DD

All, Forgive me I am the newbie in the Java web world, I am trying to write a web project for a test. But seems I didn't got the result I expected. I don't know what happen to it . Please help to r...

what does “link with editor ” feature do in Eclipse?

I'm new to Eclipse (and don't know NetBeans too). I'm reading eclipse tutorial. But I'm stacked and can't understand what "Link with editor" does exactly.It is said in Eclipse->Help:

Javadoc for jdk1.7.0_06 not working in eclipse

I'm not getting the javadoc (I guess it's called) popup in Eclipse which gives details about the Java/Android method I'm currently hovered over. For instance, if I type Log.d and hit CTRL+SPACE the...

How to add oauth2 package to Eclipse pydev?

I'm attempting to install the oauth2 package from

Why the servlet doesn't work?

All, I am the newbie into the Java web development, I am trying to implement a Servlet in my test. But I found the Servlet I created doesn't work . I didn't know whether I had missed anything. Please

Cleaning project broke R

I had some problems with R in one of my Android projects, so I tried Eclipse->Project->Clean. I foolishly did it for all of my projects (what's the harm, right?). Now Eclipse throws a warning for e...

Developing on android-based device via wireless

One known way to develop your android application directly onto the device is using the usb connector and install the driver using eclipse. As such, is there a known way to do this wireless?

Eclipse: Can You Hit A KeyBinding To Find The Command It Is Bound To?

I'm new to Eclipse. Is it possible in Eclipse to hit a keybinding and find the name of the command it is bound too?

Inserting values from a textbox into SQLite database

I've created an Android application which requires the user to register his username and password. My question is, how can I insert the input values(textbox) into my SQLite database?

How do I change the colour of the mouseover correction suggestions in Eclipse Galileo 3.5.2?

I have a big usability problem. The suggestions come up with a black background and mostly dark blue writing so it's really really hard to read. I can't find anything in Window-> Preferences ->

How to change open perspective icon?

I need to change "Open Perspective" icon in my RCP application.

How to launch multiple Java programs with one configuration on separate consoles (with Eclipse)

I'm working with a Java program that has multiple components (with Eclipse & Ant at the moment).

eclipse warning: Finally block doesn't complete normally

I have some code that throws a potential error and I catch these, then jump into a finally block, here it is in 'pseudo' form.

Is there any major change done in p2-dropins mechanism in Eclipse 3.8?

Is there any major change in p2 mechanism in Eclipse 3.8? I tried to install Eclipse 3.8 plugins via p2 dropins mechanism but its not working at all. It is not able to resolve the plugins. Plug-in

How to make star shape in Java?

I'm trying to make some shapes with java. I created two rectangles with two different colors but I want to create a star shape and I can't find useful source to help me doing this.

Webdav Plugin for Eclipse 3.4?

How do you get webdav support in eclipse 3.4? The development version of the 3.3 plugin I had been using in 3.3 doesn't seem to work.

Proper way of coding

I am new in developing android applications. I want to create an android application(using eclipse) which needs a login page where the user needs to put his/her username and password and when the

ImportError: No module named dtmilano

Hi I am new to python development. I am trying to execute the code given at but when ever i am trying to execute the cod...

Where can i get the .h file for OpenMP?

I'm searching for the omp.h file for using it in eclipse. I failed to find it in

Debugging pylons in Eclipse under Ubuntu

I am trying to get pylons to debug in Eclipse under Ubuntu.

Is there a way to get eclipse code completion to filter options on text typed anywhere in a word rather than just the start?

I have just started using eclipse Indigo for Scala development. Is there a setting anywhere in eclipse to change the filter behavior to "anywhere" when I type X. and invoke completion?

ISelectionListener Eclipse

I have added a selection listener to one of my Editors in Eclipse. In Eclipse versions 4.1 and 4.2 the selection listener works when I move my cursor with the arrow keys. No text actually has to be

Remote Debugging in eclipse

I have an application running in server A. The dev environment is in server B.

Which eclipse files belong under Version Control

Which eclipse files is it appropriate to put under source control, aside from the sources obviously. In my project, specifically, I'm wondering about:

Unresolved <iostream> in Eclipse, Ubuntu

Yes, it's this question again...

What is the best Eclipse GWT plugin?

We're going to investigate GWT for our project. When searching for an Eclipse GWT plugin I got many.


I'm new to this android programming and do not know where to start with my question nor do I know what I should post here. Here I have the log showed in red in Eclipse.

How to compare two files in Eclipse?

I want to compare two files. One is in the current project and the other is in the backup directory. I know how to compare if they were in the same project.

How to instruct Eclipse to record relative paths of the external jars?

Here is my .classpath file, after I have added two more external jars (org.restlet.ext.simple.jar and org.simpleframework.jar):

Setting the working directory for an eclipse plug-in

In the Eclipse plugin I am developing, I am querying some Prolog files that are in my development directory. In addition, an initialization file located at the root of my working directory is

How can see printf(C code) in eclipse console?

I am working with eclipse, jni, c, CentOS6.

Rules for using update sites in Eclipse?

Do you know any documentation about the rules of using update sites? I have managed the last 2 and a half years the update site of our company, and these are the problems I have to address:

tomcat can't start projectname/index.jsp

I have the exact same problem as but Run JSF project on Apache Tomcat solution provided by BalusC somehow doesn't work for me. Problem started after i added jar's for file upload tomahawk-1.1.10.jar,

Can a single eclipse C++ project link different libraries differently for different platforms?

I have a C++ eclipse project that I would like to easily compile In Windows and OSX.

How can you speed up Eclipse?

How can you make the experience with Eclipse faster?

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