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Visio Selected Page Event

I want to do something when the selected (active) page is changed in Visio document. Is there any ways that I can do this?

ASP.NET: Problem with event handlers for dynamically created controls

I've got this problem with dynamically created TextBox.

Modular javascript event library

I want a small library that does DOM4 events. Failing that a sensible subset of DOM3 events will do.

Capture and Stop Middle Click

I know - this has been asked before, HOWEVER:

Trying to build a metronome in kivy - Event loop management

since I haven't found anything here, I try and put my Question.

Can i create virtual touchs on display of phone which based on Android OS?

Can i make display of phone feel touched ? Clearly to say, i have one Point(x,y) and i want to touch there programatically without using finger. Is there any event to raise and send as parameter to...

jQuery can't bind event to AJAX loaded element using .on()

Using .load, I'm loading the following content into #step_2 div:

ListView not Updating on a PropertyChanged Event

I have the following code, but the problem is that PropertyChanged is always null when I try to fire it. Why is that, and how could I get around this?

JPanel with a ComponentListener

I have a Main JPanel, and its layout is set to the CardLayout.

How to subscribe a specific network adapter connection event in .NET

I have two network adapters in my machine. E.g. adapter A and adapter B. The A keeps connected

How to make an events base class in javascript?

I am trying to make an events class for a little canvas library that I am making!

calling e.stopImmediatePropagation() from onclick attribute

How do I get the event object from an onclick attribute?

Testing Events from Objects

I have been trying to get more in to TDD. Currently keeping it simple with lots of Debug.Asserts in a console application.

DOMContentLoaded vs local script

What is the difference between a script called by DOMContentLoaded event handler and a script called at the end of the body ?

Custom JQuery event firing in one place but not another

This is probably just my own ignorance of how events work, but can someone explain this: A custom event will not fire at the top of a function, but will fire in a callback inside that function.

Esper versus Coral8 . . .Event stream processing

has anyone done any analysis comparing coral8 versus esper for event stream processing?

Silverlight: When is a dependency property available?

I am setting a dependency property in XAML (Silverlight 4):

Javascript: How to create event listener on Window.Blur () event?

Javascript: How to create event listener on Window.Blur () event?

Qt Whenever pressed enter in QTextEdit

Whenever I pressed enter in my QTextEdit it'll perform a click on my login button. Somehow this causes a crash of my QtCreator. How can I change what'll happen If I press enter in my QTextEdit?

WPF Events in Winforms

I have an Winforms application that is using a WPF control (Avalon Edit if it matters) inside an ElementHost.

JQUERY / ASP.NET: Reshowing the jquery dialog after an occurs?

Can anyone tell me the easiest way to display a jQuery dialogafter a postback occurs.

jQuery Event Keypress: Which key was pressed?

With jQuery, how do I find out which key was pressed when I bind to the keypress event?

Jquery is not showing results

I need to make a jquery to alert "are you sure you want to delete" when user click on delete

jQuery Plugin: Handling Events

I'm currently working on a jQuery plugin and I'm wondering if it would be possible to have the plugin listen for events rather than being triggered by events.

Exclude siblings on jQuery Events

I'm creating a template generator using hover and click events on added elements. Long story short: When I click or hover over a sibling of an element, it runs all events starting with the deepest

Read file continuously and update Python GTK application accordingly

I am working on a gesture recognition project. There is a C program that captures the gestures from video input and write them to the file. Now, I have an image viewer written in Python - GTK. It
5524 dynamic button fires on second click

I have 2 buttons that is supposed to update the db, and when it updates the page should do a postback with the updated info, however...right now it updates in db alright, but the page doesnt update...

use jQuery to find an event object

jQuery has wonderful selectors for DOM elements, but can you 'select' an event object.

Is it possible to use arguments with firebird events : POST_EVENT 'event_name' + string args?

I've a trigger that detects a change on a field PHONE_EXT and POSTs an EVENT. I would like to post the Phone_ID with the event in order to use this ID in the client. Is this possible? How?

how to bundle handlers in the handlerManager?

is there a option to bundle different eventhandler in one javafile?

VB.NET - Access menu event from another form, works only on form_load

I have two forms in my application, one form is to create new connections, the other is the main form which holds the menu that will carry the connection names.

Receiving file system events and notifications from HDFS

Does HDFS provide a way to poll for file system events like file creation/modification/deletion? Also, does it provide/support any callback mechanism to get notified of such events as they occur?

Are there generic Python libraries that provide 'signals' (event) capability like Django signals?

I'd like to use something like Django signals in non-Django projects. I thought I'd seen libraries like this in the past, but I've been unable to locate one via the usual searches.

What is a good portable way to implement a global signalable event in a POSIX environment

The usage case is that one application generates an event and sends out a signal that any application that cares to listen for it will get. E.g. an application updates the contents of a file and s...

How to pass parameters to a method by reflection

Further to my precedent question, I want to pass parameters to the method "WriteTrace". But I don't know how to do this.

Android Dealing with click events

I have two questions, if you have extended a view such that you new view is MyView extends View, and MyView has custom methods and variables, how do you access those methods and variables on onClic...

iPhone, how to send a data change event to the UIView from the application delegator?

I setup a network call in appdelegator class to get some infomation back, and I want to show it in the frist UIView. How to pass the data to that UIView?

Handle tapStart Event on a button

I have an app with a carousel. On all of the carousel pages there are elements such as buttons and datepickers. I would like to handle the tapStart event on each of these elements using Sencha Touc...

AS3 How to determine the sequence of events

I am using flex-4-tree (

WinForm events in another class .NET2 Simplify delegate

Any way to make this working code simpler ie the delegate { }?

pygtk assertion fail when using a generator to thread and callback to add elements to a treeview due to treeviewiter parent

Using the Generator class from, the following code makes my program fail:

Failing to trigger the onChange event

I've got this piece of code, to search the contents of HTML elements with the class "widget" and use the jQuery functions fadeIn() and fadeOut() to only show elements that match the search term. I ...

touchEvent for Grid(2D-Array)of Sprites using Corona sdk

I have a grid of animated sprites in an 2D-Array, but when put the eventListener for a sprite object it is showing the following error "Director ERROR: Failed to load module 'game' - Please check i...

How to catch own C# events in Javascript code in Win8 Metro apps?

I found examples with google how to implement event listeners to C# events in Javascript code, but somehow in my case, nothing seems to work.

Disable JavaScript keypress events in iframes

How do I disable the support for JavaScript keypress events in iframes?

c# Plugin Event Handling

I have written a plugin system that uses an interface and for any plugins that meet this contract are loaded at runtime into the main system.

Ext JS 4 - understanding this.control, selectors and event handling

I am trying to understand in Ext JS 4 (MVC) how event handling on buttons, comboboxes and similar work.

CommandBars.OnUpdate stops being fired

In my PowerPoint 2010 Addin I subscribed to the CommandBars.OnUpdate event to register movement of shapes and similar events:

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