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Errors Raised within Class Debug As If Raised at Property Call

I am (unfortunately) developing an application in Excel 2000 VBA. I believe I have discovered that any error raised within a Custom Class property, function, or sub debugs as if the error were rai...

Looping VBA Case Statement

Currently I have the same code in each Case statement and sometimes I have to repeat it 50 times, is there a way to simplify this:

ColdFusion CFSpreadsheet reads empty cells

I give my client a template that they are supposed to populate and then they upload the spreadsheet and I read the file with cfspreadsheet in order to copy the data into a database table.

How to use the excel if function to return a variable concatenated with a string?

If E1 is a cell, how do I return E1 dynamically concatenated with a string?

Relative Referencing - Steps

I am trying to do relative referencing for a specific column (in Sheet "OA") where I need to retrieve the content of cells in a new sheet in steps of 110

VBA: Using worksheet name and/or range name as inputs to function

I have a simple function that shades every other row of a given range in a worksheet:

VBA - copy text from Combobox in User from and paste in loop onto excel worksheet

I am new to excel VBA and I have tried to adapt some of the solutions found on Stack Overflow, but I'm still stuck!
2156 : Interop exception when showAllData() on Excel sheet?

I have some filters applied on my input excel sheets, so I decided to remove them using showAllData() method in

Excel VBA: Setting a Workbook-level default save directory

I want my workbook to have a default save directory, e.g. "n:\mydirectory\hello", So each time I open it and try to save it, it will suggest this directory regardless of which other Workbooks I have

Find which cells have the smallest levenshtein distance

So, I have this Function which will quickly return the Levenshtein Distance between two Strings:

IE7 & 8 Cause Excel to Prompt for Credentials

I have an ASP.NET MVC3 website with custom authentication (i.e. <authentication mode="None" />). It's hosted on IIS with only Anonymous Auth enabled to support some SSO work we're doing. That'...

How can I only sort thru the rows with data?

I have a macro that sorts the rows by a specific column, the problem is I'm manually setting the range for the number of rows to sort (i.e. A2:A174) every time I add a new row. How can I change my...

How to extract each color bar and copy them in a table?

I made a diagram to show unique columns with several colors in each, as shown in the picture.

Save graph from R as editable graphic in Excel

I am writing a GUI in R, and one of the functions I must implement is a button to save graphical output to an Excel sheet, ideally the graphic should be editable in Excel. I am trying to do this the

How does Excel compute the resolution of the metafiles it generates when copying a range “as shown on screen”?

I have some C# code I got from that copies a cell range under the following two settings:

In Excel, add 1 if not number, or else add the number

In excel, how do I write a formula that does the following:

Database Schema Generator

i have an excel file which describe all the table structure of a database table

VBA Output Write To Cell - #VALUE! Error

I'm trying to make a UDF of mine work (in Excel 2003), and after debugging the problem appears to be summarized in this condensed version of my function:

Error 1004 using Range.Columns - using same syntax as Range.Rows

I'm having some problems with a subroutine in VBA (Excel 2010).

SSAS 2012 - Dimension Modeling

I am working with a structure that results a lot of single attribute dimensions that require no hierarchy. Examples:

How can I make it to automatically 'rewrite' the .xlsx file I'm trying to save?

So, I have the following code to save the highscores into an excel file, it works, I only have one problem, it always asks if I want to rewrite the existing xlsx file, how can I make it to say

How do I count cells that are between two numbers in Excel?

I need a formula to count the number of cells in a range that are between 10 and 10.000:

Error in creating Excel through Android Application

I am using the jxl package for creating a excel file and export it to SD card through my android application. I have added the jxl.jar to my referenced libraries in my application package in eclips...

delete excel worksheets programatically

have an excel workbook with many, many sheets. I want to delete all the sheets except for three of them.

VBA check if file exists

I have this code. It is supposed to check if a file exists and open it if it does. It does work if the file exists, and if it doesn't, however, whenever I leave the textbox blank and click the submit

Killing an interop Application process

I have the following in a program (written in VB.NET):

Excel - Advanced Text Filters

I have a long list of strings:

How to correctly Public and Set a Worksheet?

Public sp As Worksheet // on top of ThisWorkbook module

How could I have image URLs in column “C” display their corresponding images in column “N” in Excel?

I've an Excel file with a bunch of columns, one of which is "ImageURL", which, of course, displays unique URLs as text.

Read a value from spreadsheet X, compare adjacent values between spreadsheets X and Y

I have an Macro Based Excel file that generates a list of items received and their status (i.e. received, repaired, etc). This program runs daily, and right now I have it capture the previous day'...

excel into matlab

I have several excel spreadsheets in a folder, where each spreadsheet contains several worksheets. I've written a code which loads a specific worksheet from each spreadsheet into matlab. The worksh...

Excel VBA: How to find max/min of a range while ignoring error cells

How can I use VBA in Excel to determine the max/min of a range that contains error cells such as #N/A or empty cells? I know this is a fairly easy task to conquer with Excel array formulas using

Crystal Reports exporting to Excel Issue

In a current C# application I do maintenance on, we have upgraded to Visual Studio 2008 from Visual Studio 2003. We have always used the included Crystal Reports that came with Visual Studio.

ms-excel: extract decimal and integer part of a number and disable fields changing

I have a numeric field (say A). I have to extract its integer part in another field (say B) and its decimal part in another field (say C).

Data Conversion Issue in SSIS package - Text to GUID

I am developing a SSIS package that will open an Excel spreadsheet and import the data into a database table in SQL Server 2008. When I try to convert the Excel column data type: Unicode String

Invalid Formula Does not throw Error - VBA Excel 2010 64 bit

I have this project that works fine with Excel 32 bit but I am having problems running it in 64 bit.

MS Excel - existing connection strings correspond to which datatable

I have an excel spreadsheet that has 8 connections. I would like to know what connection string corresponds to which datatable/pivot table in excel. A solution in 2007 or 2010 method is fine.

Creating a new excel workbook

Can someone please help me with the following code:

Rave Reports Excel File Render Object?

I notice that Rave reports for Delphi 7 (default version) comes with PDF, HTML, RTF, and TXT Render Objects. Does anyone know of a place to download a free or opensource render object for Excel, or

C# Excel to Gridview OleDB Error

I got an error about OleDB. I just want my excel file import to Gridview.

Formula only if cell not empty

I'm trying to do a formula that will fill the cell value, but only once, when the cell is empty. Once filled I want the value to stay as is, even though cells that are part of the formula changed.

How to check Excel time values in Access VBA?

I'm processing an Excel workbook with Access VBA (see Reading an Excel workbook from Access) and now I want to check if a cell contains a valid time value. For dates I use IsDate() and it works fin...

Clear radio-buttons after completing forms

I'm having a series of userforms, making a questionnaire. Each userform consists of a couple optionbuttons/checkboxes. The program works fine.

Is there a constraint on the depth level of grouping in Excel?

I am trying to write a macro in Excel which will allow me to automatically do groupings based on the number located in the first column. Here is the code.

Generating Excel file based on folder contents

Is it possible to create a excel spreadsheet based on a folder tree, including its subdirectories and filenames? Is their a way to do it with excel itself or is there a program out there that makes...

Excel VBA WorkSheet.Copy After Excel 2013

I want to copy a worksheet and place it DIRECTLY after another sheet. But I having trouble when there are hidden sheets involved.

Using the left-function

I'm trying to create a simple macro that copys the two first numbers in each cell in a column and printing them in a different column. This is in a excel-document with more than 1 worksheet. I've t...

Making all pivot tables on one sheet mimic each other in terms of rows expanding and collapsing

Alright, I'm new to VBA but I know this has to be possible. I spent a while coding android applications, but I wouldn't call myself nearly an expert, probably not even intermediate to be honest. Ho...

Java & Excel: value being read wrong

I am parsing data from an excel file and adding it to my data base using HSSFCell to parse the Excel file, I am using the following code to read the file

is it possible to recalculate only a cell or a range in VBA

is it possible to recalculate only a cell or a range in VBA ? What I like to use for a sheet is the following, but how to do it on a cell only ? Or range ?

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