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python executable

is it possible to create python executable targeted for linux, from mac os x?

How to find out which version of the .NET Framework an executable needs to run?

I've got an executable file, and I would like to know which versions of the .NET framework this file needs to be started.

Running an executable in a loop

I have a test (which is basically an executable) which I want to run several times .Is there like some sort of script or something to do this?Basically I want to run

IDA Pro and editing executables

This is kind of an unorthodox question.

Running an executable (.exe) within a JFrame

I am currently working on a project in Java where we have to use an avatar created by someone else. This avatar is a graphical executable. It communicates with the Java application through xmlrpc.

C# - How to call an exe added into project solution

So I added an EXE to my project's solution. The EXE does some stuff and outputs data via stdout. I want to capture the output, but more importantly how do I execute that EXE within my program?

Upload infected .exe to remote location to run it

Is there any service where you can upload a .exe that you know has a virus, and they let you run it there remotely?

Is a.out executable format still supported by current Linux?

I have read at many places that Linux has now switched to using ELF. However, none of them specify if a.out format executables can still run in Linux or not.

Frozen Bokeh application too large

I have created a Bokeh application based largely on this recipe:

Group several files needed to run a program into one executable

There are times where I create small projects for personal use. Therefore I just extract the debug directory from my project and run the executable file whenever I need to use my application. How c...

Running an executable in virtual machine through base machine

I want to launch an executable in my virtual machine(Windows Server 2003 OS and is installed using VMWARE Workstation) from my base machine

cannot execute binary file - Executable Jar file

I'm having trouble trying to run an executable jar file using a makefile. Any help appreciated.

Reverse Engineering: changing AL register without overwriting instructions

I am trying to learn more about reverse engineering by debugging and patching a 64 bit windows executable. I am using x64dbg (Much like ollydbg but with 64 bit support)

How can I make a portable executable?

It's there a way to compile a c/c++ source file to output a .exe file that can be run on other processors on different computers ?

Javascript Accessing Local Executables

The site has a button on the right side 'Start Game'. If you have the game installed on your computer and you are logged into the site, when you click on the button, it...

How do I get my executable's location using Fortran?

I have a program written in Fortran 90/95; after invocation it always reads a certain data file. For the users' convenience I'd like them to just have to place this file in the same directory as the

How to create a single executable file in Visual Studio 2008?

I've created a Windows Forms Application in Visual Studio 2008, .NET 3.5.

How to get the executable path from a Managed DLL

I have a managed DLL (written in C++/CLI) that contains a class used by a C# executable. In the constructor of the class, I need to get access to the full path of the executable referencing the DLL...