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Get user Location/Hometown through Facebook Graph API

Is there a way to get the location/hometown (whichever available) using the facebook graph API?

RequestBatch.Callback onBatchCompleted() not called

Having trouble using facebook graph API library for android when sending a batch of requests.

Different result returned by graph api

I use graph api to get the data of wall page in my app, most of the result is right, just like:

Facebook app count top users

I'm using facebook requests in my app. Lets say for example i have a table like this in my db:

How can I moderate comments in the Facebook fb:comments social plugin?

I've got a facebook application that is on a Canvas page and I'm viewing it through a Facebook Page tab. The like button works, the comments work and the delete button works(I've got candelete on)....

Sending SMS with Facebook API

I've been looking for any example or documentation about sending sms through facebook API but couldn't find official one.

php pop up box after if statement?

I am doing some php to make an app and i need a window to pop up when i run my php if statement. At the minute, when i run the app, my if statement works, but goes to a new page to display the info...

Facebook login keeps failing

Before starting, a very similar question was asked recently, but I was facing a couple of other issues, and wanted to add some context.

Facebook auth dialog configuration

I am trying to provide login using facebook option to my website users. So, I created one Facebook app and using javascript API to integrate. When I click on login button, I get Facebook oAuth dial...
2722 Facebook “Login Failed, EXPECTED_FAILURE”

I am having many issues with connecting my app with Facebook using forge.facebook.authorize.

redirecting from xfbml to gwt does not work

I have an application using gwt and hosted on gae. There is a form using xfbml and having a redirect url once data is filled and form is submit. the problem is it throws exception if this happens via

how do I pull the larger photo when I pull my friends from graph?

I'm pulling friends info and passing in picture, but that gets me the tiny square thumbnail. Their docs seem to suggest that there's a way to get an array of images that include a larger version o...

Using a while loop to stall until I get some data back

I have a class which I am using to interact with Facebook in Objective C for my iPhone application.

iOS Facebook Login from Phonegap application crashes app

I use facebook-connect as a plugin in my phonegap (cordova 2.5) application on iOS. It worked all well, we tested the application on various devices and released it to the store. It passed the revi...

Differentiate a not-logged-in Facebook user vs. a logged-in Facebook user but not authorize our application yet

I have some troubles when using javascript code for Facebook invite friends. Details:

Custom Facebook Pages not viewable (blank page) for some users

I've followed this tutorial to create a custom page on some facebook pages; now the problem is that some people can't see anything: they can see only a blank page inside facebook

How to add Shared via when sharing content from an Android app to popular social networks?

My Android application allows users to read full articles from various blogs and share the posts using Android's in-built sent action:

Using Facebook Android SDK (API-key)

I'm trying the Facebook Android SDK, but I don't know where to insert my API-key.

What's the good way to get messages from a specific facebook wall?

There is a groupwall of which I want to download and store all messages in a db.

Maximum length of Facebook album name and wall post?

What's the maximum length for an album name and a wall post allowed on Facebook? Will the PHP SDK automatically trim it?

How to post images on facebook wall on a single button click from an iPhone app

I am making an iPhone app where in the user wants that the selected image should be posted on facebook wall on a single button click.

How to login and post to facebook wall in one dialog?

I want to create a dialog that you can type your username and password

Facebook open graph - Get friends “User-owned objects”

I am currently in the progress of writing an IOS app using the FB SDK 3.5.

Facebook like button not showing

I am trying to add the facebook like button to an ASP.NET page. I have generated the code with the Get Like Button Code Widget and copied it into my master page. The like button works fine most of ...

Can I get only the new Facebook comments since the last time I checked instead of all comments every time?

Right now I have an app that allows a user to schedule/post a Facebook post and then monitor the likes/comments. One of the problems I foresee is that currently I am pulling every single comment/like

How can I populate content from a facebook page using Opengraph without using a facebook app ? is that possible?

So I'm told to do this not so clear project where I am supposed to create a facebook page and populate it with content from another facebook page using opengraph . For this project , I do not have...

jQuery AJAX function apparently not being called in FB app when using IE

I have an app on Facebook that has a function that posts directly to friends' walls. It runs without any problems in Firefox and Chrome, but refuses to work in IE. This is the only function that wo...

Properly adding a Facebook jar in Eclipse for Blackberry

How to add Facebook .jar file properly in eclipse for blackberry

How can I get a list of user names that use a facebook application?

I have been searching for a way to get just the list of users from my facebook app. I've tried several FQL variations to no avail. I do NOT want the list of users that are my friends who are users ...

Hosting a Facebook Application?

I have looked on FaceBook Developer page and found that it's possible to create a FaceBook application, however this application must be hosted by you!

trying to determine if user is a page admin using FB GraphAPI

I have a page tab app. When the user clicks on the "Go to App" and is sent to my page tab edit url i am trying to determine if they are a page admin or not.

Facebook Page Tab Blank in Internet Explorer 8

I've developed a Facebook page tab that doubles up as a website style app:

Facebook Social Comments--limited visibility for any comments not posted to Facebook?

We are considering adding Facebook's "Social Comment" boxes to virtually every page of content on our site.

ApplicationInfo metadata returning null

I have the following code:

facebook like args on URL - why forbidden?

Running Apache with a html file for the index - it works fine when I tap into the browser:

why is “publish in facebook” bringing users to blank comments?

Whenever a user comments something on my pages and chooses the option 'publish in facebook', the comment appears on his facebook wall correctly, but something weird happens when we try to click on ...

Android: Post Feed Dialog, but post can be seen only me

I don't known why it occurred which it was public to everyone last week.But today when I test again,it showed me a lock and said only me in Facebook on the right of the post.

Allowing users to login via other networks

I'm currently in the process of dating the data from other networks by the use of Gigya to allow users to login to my site and then post the data with php to my database.

Is there any way to get more information of user like friends birthday,current_location?

Is there any way to get user's friend information + user's personal information in one graph api call, using all the permissions.

Facebook login social plugin stopped working

Last week suddenly the XFBML login button stopped working on our site. Instead of showing a nice FB login button, it just shows the button text. In Firebug, I'm getting an error:

ios - How to post PDF to Facebook

Using facebook API, in my iOS, i want to post a PDF.

Facebook post in group wall using Graph API

I'm developing a android application which is requires posting in groups created by the user.

Get Facebook's friends birthdays in Objective C

i found a site like but I cannot understand this API, so I wanted to know if there's a way to get the friends birthday (e.g. as an HTTP Request) ?

get error for facebook login “the operation cannot be completed (com.facebook.sdk error 2)” for iPhone 5

I created an application using facebook sdk 3.1.1 but i get error like "the operation cannot be completed (com.facebook.sdk error 2)" for iPhone 5. my bundle id and app id are correct. So can any o...

A Facebook search query that returns only one result

Does someone have an example for such a query? I need a query for the address and not for a specific user. I want to see the response I get, especially if Facebook...

Inchoo Facebook Connect error for new accounts and login

Hello I've installed the Facebook connect extension of Inchoo for Magento.

Create a Date UTC with a timezone-based timestamp

Odd question, but you have to know first that Facebook API defines all the dates with a timestamp (long = number of second) started 01/01/1970 00:00:00 located on PDT timezone (Pacifica time).

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